Simple tips for marketing your local business more effectively on social media

The social media has been a boon for many online businesses. Using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, businesses have been able to listen to their customers, gather actionable intelligence and measure outcomes and progress. Unfortunately many local businesses have not been able to reap the full benefits of social media as they have struggled to understand and implement social media marketing strategies and use them effectively.

So if your local business is not getting the social media payback you believe you deserve, what can you do? Well, the answer is, simplify your social media marketing strategy. If you do that you’ll be able to make your goals clearer and make your marketing more effective.

Sharing too much information can be counterproductive

Information is a valuable commodity. It’s what customers want above all else. However, don’t be tempted to flood your audience with information or they’ll drown under the weight of it. What customers want is sufficient information to make a reasoned decision: what they don’t want is chapter and verse on everything you do. So make your advertising simple. Only provide the most requested information on your social media accounts: your customers will be grateful. Only use single calls-to-action in your advertisements, and ensure that the actions you want your customers to take are crystal clear.

Focus only on your target market

You might think you’re doing a sterling job advertising and marketing your products and services, but do your customers agree with you? The chances are that statistically the answer is no – they don’t. Whilst it’s tempting to try to be all things to all people, it simply doesn’t work when it comes to advertising. Some marketing is valuable, but much of it is wasted.

So do away with the wasted efforts. Make you marketing target-specific, and simplify the information choices you offer your audience.

Consolidate all targeting data, and simplify analytical management

If your business can consolidate all its data in one location, then it will be easier to simplify the analysis and management of data. The added benefit is that it also makes your data more effective in terms of improved social media marketing. To make your analytics more effective, simplify and consolidate your information database to create a full customer profile.

There’s no problem reusing content across social media accounts, provided it is customised for each individual channel

Most small local businesses can’t afford the luxury of employing dedicated content writers. Because of that businesses struggle to create unique content for each of their social media accounts. However, whilst Google may bridle at the suggestion that you should reuse content; social media channels are not quite so precious. There’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t reuse high-quality content across all social media platforms, provided that you customise the content for each individual channel. If you can manage to do that then you’ll be able to reach customers across all media platforms with the same targeted message.

Use social media for Engagement

It can be tempting to use social media to gain access to the largest possible audience. However, social media is most effective when kept simple and to scale. Social media works best when it comes to engaging with existing customers and keeping them updated on the latest news about your business. The focus of your social media marketing efforts should be on providing your customers with best user experience. To achieve this you’ll need to match your content with your customers’ needs and desires.

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