Six Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

To assume that you cannot go wrong with social media marketing is undoubtedly the single biggest mistake you can make. Social media may be huge, powerful and filled with potential, but it is also a uniquely fickle mistress when it comes to tapping into its grandeur for marketing purposes.

So in order to ideally help prevent you falling into any of the most common traps, here is a quick look at six social media marketing mistakes that should be avoided at all costs:

1 – No Strategy

So first and foremost comes the pretty obvious negative habit of starting out in social media marketing without having any kind of strategy in place. Having a crack of things with no plan or goal to work towards is a little bit like setting off on a journey with no destination or directions – suffice to say you will probably end up going round in circles. If necessary speak to the professionals for advice, but in all instances you have to have a plan to work with and an ultimate goal in mind.

2 – Too Many or Too Few Platforms

This second mistake applies at both ends of the spectrum as while it is never a good idea simply to focus on one social media platform like Facebook for example, it is also not in your best interests to try and promote yourself across every social media platform on the web. The key lies in investing your efforts as wisely as possible across a few social media platforms of value and ensuring you can give each of them sufficient time and attention.

3 – Buying Interest

It is getting harder by the day to get away with buying interest on social media – as in to buy followers or ‘Likes’ – but some businesses are still doing it. Not only is this wholly pointless as these fraudulent friends and followers will bring absolutely no benefit to you whatsoever, but it is never longer before your actual customers and followers realise you have been faking it and will completely lose respect for you.

4 – Making it All About You

The fact that it is called social networking should tell you something about the kind of content you should be posting. Quite simply, if you make it all about you and your brand with nothing more than on-going marketing materials and advertisements or sales pitches, you can forget it. Social media is all about socialising and making things personal while appealing to the fans and followers you have in your list. If they for one minute get the idea you are only interested in them to sell them anything at all, they will quickly lose interest and probably walk away.

5 – Sharing Too Much or Too Little

When it comes to updating your social media accounts, try to bear in mind that posting too much or too little will in neither instance work in your favour. Your followers of course need plenty of new information and relevant posts to keep them interested and entertained, but at the same time you do not want to bombard them with more than they can keep up with. If you don’t have anything relevant and interesting to say, don’t say anything at all.

6 – Being Antisocial

Last but not least, one of the very worst things you can do when it comes to social media is to completely forget to in fact be social. Or in other words, you are not just there to promote yourself for your own best interests, but to get involved with the social media community as actively as possible. From writing on other people’s walls to commenting on posts and of course making sure that you respond to every comment that comes your way, try to remember that the keyword here of greatest importance is ‘social’.

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