Small Businesses Score Big This World Cup Season.

With its kickoff on the 12th of June, many fans were thrilled to watch the beautiful game of soccer played on the pitches in Brazil.

Many of us were not expecting the huge upsets that have quickly followed. With the defending champions, Spain, already crashing out in the qualifying stages, the 2014 World Cup, has us firmly on the edge of our seats.

In a weird inverse relationship, the lows on the pitch has led to an incredible upsurge in social media activity surrounding the event. The major players in the social media arena have all launched features to engage fans all over the world, such as:

  • Twitter reintroduces the Hashflag.
  • Facebook launching the trending World Cup Page.
  • Google Plus puts a unique twist on searches related to countries participating in the World Cup (e.g. Following kickoff against Uruguay, the number of fans searching for “Has Rooney scored in a World Cup?” went up 10x. He has now.)

With their large ad budgets, major brands are keen to cash in too. Who can blame them? Here are a few Brazil 2014 statistics that will blow your mind:

  • An estimated global viewership of 3.6 billion.
  • Over 5 billion dollars will be amount spent on advertising.
  • Twitter registering over 340, 000 tweets about the World Cup. Per Day!
  • Brands Like Adidas increasing ad spend by a whopping 150%.

Now, these stats have only been recorded in the first few days of the event. They are bound to soar much higher. As a small business, you can absolutely take advantage of it’s reach and tap into the frenzy. There are millions of supporters spread across the globe that you can reach via social media.

Worried about your budget?

The following are five ways you can laser focus on prospects and effectively deliver your message.

1. Laser focus.

Using Facebook and Twitter ads, it is possible to drill down into your audience. Finding out what are they talking about, what are their other interests, where do they hang out online, will help you create highly targeted messages that connect with them.

2. Timing is key.

The beautiful game of soccer is ruled by single, game-changing events. These events can make or break an outcome. This translates into extremes of fan’s moods and their behaviour. Targeting your message to prospects at these crucial moments, where they are most likely to engage, is vital to winning at marketing in this World Cup season.

3. Use the right channels.

So far, Facebook and Twitter have the lion’s share of fans activity for the World Cup. Studies show that tweets with pictures receive up to 35% more retweets. Therefore to drive engagement using Twitter, use funny, captioned pictures in your marketing plan. Not sure where to find pictures? Find funny memes. One recently popular one shows Robin Van Persie scoring a goal with a diving header, in the match against Spain. The picture shows him with a cape attached. Superman. Get it?

4. Monitor events and provide real time reporting.

With over 3 billion people expected to be engaged in real-time for the duration of the event, you have a massive audience to deliver your message to. Big brands cash in on this by being quick on their feet. Remember the blackout in the third quarter at last year’s SuperBowl? Oreo’s famous “You can still dunk in the Dark” tweet was created. Within 10 minutes! That’s what you call thinking on your feet. Now, if only some of the teams were that fast.

5. Have multiple offers.

With focused targeting, you already have an idea of what your audience likes. This helps you create multiple offers that they can relate to. Team Winning? Tap into that euphoria and offer them a feel-good offer. Team kicked out of the tournament? Sympathise with them and offer a 2 for 1 discount.

In its first 8 days, the World Cup has already generated over 10 million tweets, more than the 2010 tournament in total. Raving fans are eager to use social media to find and connect with brands they can relate to. What is your marketing strategy this World Cup? How are you placing your brand front and centre?

At Search and More, we create marketing messages that generate results. Simple. Call us today and let us help you score your marketing goals.

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