Social Analysis.

It should be clear by now that social isn’t just a job you can palm off on anyone, allocate a minimal amount of time to and expect to do well.

It needs TLC. But more than that it needs understanding. Every industry, business or individual will have different objectives and aims. You may prefer certain platforms. Your business might lend itself better to certain platforms.

The only way to improve the impact you have on social and what it can do for you is to understand how to analyse your results. You need to know how to foster relationships with customers. And the only way to do that is to understand what you are doing right and, probably most importantly, what you are doing wrong. So here’s a guide at a glance on what you are looking for:

  • Activity: a way to measure the actual level of activity across the network
  • Reaction: a look at how to measure how others respond to your activity
  • Engagement: a guide to how others react to you and your business
  • Network: how much you interact successfully with your network

Social isn’t just about collaboration.

It’s about the accumulation of everything you do and leave behind. the sharing the opening of doors. It’s the social memory of the business and a look at it’s engagement record that offers a clear way to unlock it’s value.

Take a step back. Ask yourself what social does for you or what it could do for you then work out how you can best analyse those results. If you want to break through in to social in 2015, you need to get serious about social analysis and fast.

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