Social Communities.

Have you got a social community? Could you have a social community?

This won’t apply for all of us, but there will be brands and small businesses that like the idea of growing their community and realise that actually they need to do this if they are going to become any kind of influencer in the social world.

So how do we build community and what’s it all about?

The community is key. You need to know what they like and what they don’t like. You need to research them, follow them and understand what they tweet about to gain insight into their world.

We’re talking about connections here that will be key to building brand. But coming at it from the human element of that. The fact is that if you can come across not as a brand, but as an actual human being then you can master those connections fast and that individual is going to come back to your company because they know who you are. Just like you might go back to a cafe, restaurant or shop because you like the service, staff or rapport you have with them.

It’s the same on social, only with so much more potential.

You can build the conversation. Start conversations by offering them a better experience on social. They are then more likely to buy another product.

What’s the catch? Time. In order to build community and invest in it then you really are going to have to dedicate some time, energy and resource to it. Believe us when we tell you though that it will be worth it.

If you want some social help on how to build a community then we’re here to help.

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