Social media 101

Most businesses now appreciate the power of social media – creating pages on the main social sites to obtain a presence there. But often these pages are neglected, lacking content and overall have the opposite of the desired effect. As a result businesses maintain that social media ‘isn’t for them’ or ‘doesn’t work’ – but with a little know-how (and professional support) growing your business via social media doesn’t have to be complicated or mysterious.

I don’t know what to post

Lots of business owners find they get ‘writers block’ when approaching social media platforms – especially newer sites like Twitter and Instagram. Less is often more – and knowing what to post comes down to some careful planning and consideration. If you struggle to think of information to post it’s advisable to sit down a month in advance and have a think about upcoming news and events, as well as general information you wish to share with your audience. Remember that you’re sharing for a purpose – you want users to connect with whatever you post. Blogs can also help with this – as aside from fulfilling an important SEO requirement of regularly updated content links can also be shared on social media to drive traffic to your site. An important thing to stress here is that different platforms require a different approach, and different content. For example, Twitter only allows 140 characters and enables the use of hash-tags to help your posts be found more easily by potential customers, whilst Facebook and LinkedIn accommodate longer ‘mini-blog’ style sharing.

How do I gain more followers?

Growing a follower base requires a steady, intensive long-term approach which slowly but surely helps you to gain quality subscribers. A common mistake many people make with social media is prioritising quantity over quality – and for many social media is a numbers game, with thousands of followers who are actually bots or people who’ve never engaged with their brand. It’s undoubtedly true that the number of people following or liking you does influence overall impression – but if your page is void of content users will almost certainly ask why (and how) you have so many subscribers. Posting great content and continually connecting with and involving new users who you feel will be interested in what you have to offer will eventually bring results.

How do I find the time to manage so many accounts?

Social media is undoubtedly time-consuming. Whilst it’s promoted as a ‘free’ platform for marketing a business, if you consider your personal hourly rate and multiply that by the time you spend on social media you’ll soon find the cost adds up. For this reason it’s a good idea to invest in social media management by experts who understand your objectives and how they can get you there. Comparatively this works out as much more cost-effective in the long run, as it frees you up to run your business knowing that social media is taken care of by professionals who know what they are doing.

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