Social Media: If You Make Big Promises, Make Sure You Deliver.

Domino’s social media campaign backfires after ‘big’ promises fail to materialise

Australia is apparently going through a difficult time with social media campaigning at the moment. Woolworths was the first to feel the ire of its social media following after an ill-judged campaign about ‘real food’, now Domino’s Pizza has also come unstuck. Domino’s made ‘big promises in the run up to the launch of its new product. In a week-long teaser campaign the retailer claimed it was about to make a ‘game-changing’ announcement that was the ‘biggest in 20 years’. Unfortunately all Domino’s did was announce a range of new pizza toppings which left Australian social media audiences seriously underwhelmed.

In fact Australian audiences lashed out on Twitter and Facebook with comments like;

‘Can I have a cup of whoopdidoo… most overhyped announcement in 20 years.”

“Making square pizzas with nicer toppings certainly isn’t worth the hype. I can’t believe that Domino’s think this advertising is going to win them any new customers!!! Dumb Dumb Dumb!”

Domino’s naturally defended its corner claiming in a statement that whilst it had received some negative feedback on its social media pages, this was nothing more than a storm in a teacup. Critics were keen to further twist the knife, claiming that the company had removed many of the negative Facebook comments it had received on its website. A company spokesman adamantly denied this was true, naturally, and told Australian News website SmartCompany:

“We encourage our fans and followers to leave feedback on all social media forums including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and believe in the importance of empowering our fans and followers. The majority of comments left on forums last night were from fans that are yet to try the new range for themselves. Today, we plan to contact a number of our Facebook fans who left negative feedback last night and encourage them to sample the new range and see first-hand why in fact it is a game-changing initiative.”

Companies and businesses shouldn’t overpromise and under-deliver in digital; that was the message from Michael Simonetti, founder and director of digital agency Andmine. Speaking to SmartCompany he claimed:

“It’s a lot more transparent these days and consumers are more savvy and critical of businesses marketing, and because they have a voice in social media, they can rapidly comment. Both small and large companies need to be very careful about the promises they make.”

Simonetti believes it ultimately all comes down to playing things with a straight bat:

“Be honest; it’s pretty simple. If you do have something great and new then launch it with honesty, over-hyping things doesn’t work,” he said.

However, Simonetti did not rule out the use of social media teaser campaigns. What was critical though was that those campaigns were seen to deliver:

“If you promise something game-changing and you want to tease about that, you can do that; but it does actually have to change the landscape or change the product so that people do experience something new.”

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