Which social media channels should I use?

For many businesses social media is baffling to say the least. This elusive marketing tool can prove incredibly lucrative for those who use it effectively to their full advantage – but to others it’s a confusing inconvenience which produces few tangible results. One major question (after what to post) is where to post. In this blog we explain why a selective approach is best – and how making social media work for you doesn’t have to be as complicated as it first seems.

A selective approach works best

It’s easy to look at the huge range of social media on offer and feel bewildered – or overwhelmed with the task of posting to them all. However businesses that sign up for everything then barely populate their profiles are mistaken – as this overstretched approach rarely results in social media success. Not all social media networks are appropriate for all businesses – and a blended approach of a selected few often works best. With this in mind it’s a better idea to choose a select few and concentrate your efforts on building a following and posting engaging content across several rather than many.

Choose wisely

Once you’ve determined that it’s best to be selective with your social media networks rather than employing a blanket approach, it’s time to choose between the many available.

Your choice depends on the nature of your business and how your clients use social media. For example, if you sell food, holidays or clothes Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are savvy choices. If you’re a B2B company and your clients are predominantly active on LinkedIn then a blended approach of that and Google Plus may be more effective. It might be worth doing a survey of current clients and asking them which social platforms they use.

Concentrate your efforts

Once you’ve chosen a couple of networks which will be most appropriate for your business it’s time to consider how you’ll exploit them to produce the best results for your business. Quality is better than quantity – so it’s preferable to choose as many as you can manage and think carefully about how you populate them. A pre-planned strategy helps you to scope out what to post and when, so you can think ahead about services and products you want to promote and campaigns you could run to increase sales and engagement.

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