Social media engagement: is there anybody listening?

So you’ve burnt the midnight oil to create the perfect piece of content. You’ve honed the headline, split the article into bite-sized readable sections and you’ve done your very best to engage, enthuse and entertain your audience. And then what happens? Nothing: absolutely nothing.

Despite your considerable efforts, you still don’t get a bite. Not a like nor a share, no comments, no feedback; just stony silence. Are you doing something wrong? Have you overlooked some fundamental consideration? Why is nobody listening? Well, here are three things you might like to think about.

Maybe your content isn’t up to scratch

People who log onto Facebook and Twitter generally know what they’re looking for, and they certainly know what type of content they’re prepared to share. This content is the sort they know they’re friends and followers will want to read: content that is valuable, interesting and informative. It may simply be that the piece of content you’ve written doesn’t hit the mark with these readers. May be they don’t think what you’ve written is good enough, or maybe they don’t think it’s good enough to share.

How do you overcome this handicap? Well, the easiest way is to approach your writing in a different way. Rather than writing simply for your audience, try writing for your audience’s audience. If the content you then produce is good enough to tick that box, then getting shares and likes will no longer be a problem.

Maybe you forget to include any social sharing buttons

The content you’ve written might be masterful, but if readers can’t share it easily it’s worthless. Social sharing buttons are essential: without them no one will realise just how great your content is. Not only do they allow others to share your wisdom quickly and easily; they also let other readers know how valuable others think your content is. If you’ve forgotten to include them, get your friends and family to get the ball rolling by sharing your content on their social profiles, and hope that others latch on to it.

Maybe you’ve targeted the wrong people

If you want to get the greatest levels of engagement, then it’s imperative that you target the right audience. That goes without saying. What’s also important is that when you know who your target audience is, you speak to them in a language and a style that resonates with who they are and what they do. So don’t patronise, or come across as too haughty. Speak their language. Avoid things that members of the group find irritating, like the constant use of hashtags, and battering readers with incessant content. The key to social media engagement is knowing your audience and keeping your content simple and to the point.

If you can address these three issues, you’ll not only increase your shares across social media platforms and build your brand’s authority; you’ll also improve your SEO results.

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