Social Media Engagement: Connect With Your Customers.

Is social media marketing in your business’ marketing mix?

Do you really know how well it’s doing? To measure your reach, see if you can answer these questions:

  • How many of your followers have been exposed to your sales funnel?
  • How many of them have you turned into repeat customers?
  • How many new leads are you exposing your brand to everyday?
  • Are you even measuring the right metrics?

Those questions require hard numbers as answers, but one important one that doesn’t is:

What exactly are you using your social media engagement for; to generate brand awareness, find new leads, keep your customers happy, or as a customer service portal?

All these questions are necessary to ensure you are measuring the right metrics and not wasting marketing funds. This is because the marketing landscape is always changing and is constantly bombarded with the supposedly latest and greatest solution.

About a decade ago, if a marketer was told to simply ‘listen’ and their prospects would tell them all they had to know, they’d scoff. But on social media, prospects discuss their fears, needs, thoughts, and opinions; providing a wealth of information for the savvy marketer.

When done right, social media is a powerful tool that allows you to reach a large number of people with minimal time input and cash investment. With the right strategy in place, social media can increase prospects, leads, and profits.

More reasons your business should be practising social media engagement:

1. Identify New Leads.

On many platforms, prospects and customers discuss their pre-purchase concerns, purchase intent, and brand preferences. Businesses can find ways to interact with prospects and tap into these conversations. Social media can also be used to quickly identify, nurture, and build brand advocates.

2. Provide A Clearer View.

Customers & prospects can be quickly segmented using data available on most platforms. Regardless of the criteria used to segment them, separating them allows better targeting and marketing. Social media allows you to listen to your prospects and learn their lingo. Understanding the lingo can help you understand intent while providing you with an insight into what your customer really wants.

3. Increase Your Content Exposure.

It provides a cost effective marketing solution as existing content can be re-purposed. You can also use social media to drive traffic to articles and videos that can help your audience. This allows the use of social media to fit seamlessly into any marketing plan.

4. Customer Service Channel.

Its real-time nature allows businesses to use social media for rapid damage control. It can also act as an easy-to-run customer service outlet. One-way communication between brands and consumers is dead.

5. Provide Validation.

Smart businesses use a mix of past customers and social media to create social proof of their products. Satisfied customers are glad to become brand advocates, hence creating a non-salesy marketing channel. This form of marketing is more effective, as more people buy based on recommendations from family and friends.

6. Precise Targeting Through Timing.

Even though social media updates can be easily lost in the vastness of the internet, not using it is a big mistake. The second aspect of social media success hinges on understanding your audience’s consumption patterns. Using scheduling tools, you can time when they see your content and catch them at their most receptive.

Using social media offers one more notable benefit; consider the result of the deal between Twitter and Google that allows Google to index tweets in the search results. With your tweets appearing in the SERPs organically, you suddenly have access to an extra marketing platform via your tweets.

So should you be using social media? It depends on:

  • How much of your marketing mix it comprises of.
  • If your prospects are on social media, are they having conversations?
  • Can you offer solutions?

If all of these points relate to your business, but you have no clue what the next step is, join us next week for the concluding part of this article. We’ll show you methods that we have used to engage customers using social media for our clients.

Can’t wait? For more information, contact our experts at Search and More.

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