Could Social Media Marketing Help Your Business Grow?

If you’ve been running a business for some time, you’re probably reasonably happy with your existing marketing strategy.

Granted, you’ll probably want to grow and expand wherever possible, and as a consequence you may have had to reluctantly accept that the only way to achieve this is through the use of online marketing. Many businesses aren’t overly comfortable with having to do this, but they see that it’s probably necessary: the world is changing after all, so they have to change with it. When it comes to the social media however, they remain to be convinced.

A lot of business men fail to appreciate how social media channels can possibly help them to build their businesses. Others are simply underwhelmed by the latest platform and think it’s completely over-rated. Well, the fact is these businesses are missing out. There’s a wealth of potential out there and new markets to be exploited. Social media marketing is no longer the ingénue: it’s now an established platform that’s been proven to work.  72% of social marketers say social content has helped them close deals, and that it’s an invaluable tool for branding, lead generation and sales. Content can be easily integrated for seamless publication on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. It works without question. Shouldn’t your business be part of it too?

How can social media marketing help business?

Engaging social content.

Three out of four businesses with a social marketing strategy already use original content, so branded social content is a competitive must. They know that social media content also needs to be fresh and timely to attract users looking for real-time information. –One of the reasons customers stop engaging with brands is because they get tired of seeing repetitive content. However, providingcustom news, blogs and articles will ensure that your brand offers unique, up-to-date posts. Social media is especially useful for providing your followers with relevant news and the latest developments in your particular industry or field of expertise.

Providing fuel for social conversations.

Social content drives brand discussion and debate. 81% of marketers say it has been the key element for generating exposure for their businesses. This is why developing social content is already a top investment for marketers across industries.

Businesses that create customised content with the latest online trends in mind, will generate online conversation, and consequently make their brand part of this industry conversation. News drives the majority of traffic to Facebook andTwitter, and news content marketing engages social audiences.

SEO and inbound links.

Social media marketing is an integral part of any competitive search engine optimisation strategy, and is crucial to driving traffic to websites. Search engines like Google and Bing are increasingly incorporating social data on their results pages. Therefore the more comments and social shares your content ignites, the more likely it will be that your website will attract new traffic. It’s also worth noting that compelling content on social sites can increase inbound links. Inbound links signal a level of trust and quality in the destination material, influencing search engines to prioritise your pages above those of your online competition. 62% of marketers also say they’ve noticed improved rankings for core keywords as a benefit of social media marketing.

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