Social Media Campaigns are the Life Blood of Your Business

Once you have a new all singing and dancing website, the best way to pump some life into it is through a social media marketing campaign. Adopting the use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a way of implementing the most popular free tools the internet can give – a way to promote your business and reach a larger audience with the ultimate online marketing tool.

Bringing More Attention

If you already have a website and some small internet presence, you know how important it is to your overall business and strategy moving ahead. The best reinforcement of that will be applying it to a social media presence also.

Your brand can be suited to most online platforms. With Facebook being a place where everyone visits with groups, community and business pages getting plenty of attention, and LinkedIn being a place where business is generated as a calling – you will need to focus on different styles to appeal to both. On top of that, you will need to keep your branding, content and information consistent across all sites.

Relatable Content

If you want to come across as one of a kind, your content needs to be one of a kind in its appearance.

This can be done by video content, offers or news about changes or incoming offers to do with your business. You can also use this platform to be more personal and present pictures and updates that don’t feel so corporate and communicate more effectively.

You want the focus to be on your products, to entice new customers and to present yourself as approachable. Most of all, you want that content to lead to enquiry and then a sale. Links in descriptions that are relevant to your content are a great way to boost your SEO campaigns also.

Intrigue Tactics

The allure of something unmissable incoming will always keep your clients coming back for more, so trickling a few little teasers out for something exciting like a new product or service always provides some excitement.

By giving them fresh content regularly, you are creating familiarity, and by using hashtags and keywords you are creating content that gets viewed and shared for people to sink their teeth into. The most important part of this is to be consistent and provide quality – it is not the time for blurred images, poor resolutions or unclear pictures to start giving you a poor reputation.


Word of mouth is still the most powerful force in marketing – and it can be bad as much as good.

If you can gather your best customers to share their experiences of working with you in a testimonial, you have a great force for your social media campaign. Having a dedicated part of your week to post a great customer testimonial shows great consistency and an abundance of care about your customers to include them on your social media.

Talk with digital marketing teams about how a social media marketing campaign greatly benefits your SEO Stockport, and embrace the great things social media drive can give on returns. Talk to the team at Search and More today, the experts in responsive website design Stockport and internet marketing Stockport.

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