Which Social Media Platform Works Best For Your Business?

Anyone running a business is probably sick to the back teeth with the hype surrounding social media.  You can’t escape it. Everywhere you turn there’s a new piece of information or research that seems to suggest that your businesses will stagnate or wither away if you fail to embrace the new revolution and fully integrate social media marketing. Now, of course, no one can force you to jump on the bandwagon: you’re free to make that choice yourself – some might call you a Luddite, but if it’s what you’re used to, and it works for you, then stick to your guns. Others, however, are keen to embrace the new technology and want to grab each and every opportunity that might potentially open up new sectors of the market. The only problem they might have is understanding which social media platform is the most suitable for your particular business.

Fortunately help is now at hand. Researchers at CMO.com, along with SEO firm 97th Floor have come up with this useful chart or infographic as they prefer to call it, which will hopefully throw a little more light on how your company might be able to use social media marketing more effectively. So, if you don’t know your Diggs for your Tweets, this could well be what you’ve been waiting for. Have a look at the chart, or print it off. As they say, every little helps.

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