Social Media: The Right Direction.

So much advice and so little time.

So much to take in and too much to think about.

So what is the right direction for our social platforms in 2015. Well here’s the short version for you so that you don’t miss a thing. Some key bits of advice for how to market your brand in the new year.

Have A Plan For Social In 2015.

Yes we’ve said it before, but we really do have to say it again.. you really need to have a master plan if you want to achieve anything on social. It’s worth working out who you are targeting and which platforms they are most active on, so that you can set some really key and achievable goals for those channels.

Talk About What People Care About.

The main thing to remember about social posting is to make the content as relevant as possible. It’s too competitive out there to try to be too clever, when the answer is really just to be as sincere and relevant as possible. That’s the key to all the developments on social moving
forward. What social platforms believe is that people want to see more stories from friends and pages they care about, and less promotional content.

Market Research.

Do you actually know what your community want to see? Have you done some research? Do you know what the answers are? If in doubt, assume you know nothing and start from there.

Be Straightforward.

It’s sometimes the over thinking that gets us in to trouble when we start to plan our social strategies. Moving forward in to 2015, the mantra should be to keep it simple. You can do this by keeping the tone and style and wording simple. How easy are your posts to understand? Could anyone understand them? Have you tested them? Take a fresh look at what you are writing and make sure they are really hitting the mark, by getting your messages across in as simple a way as possible.

Be Creative.

We can’t all just push simple ‘like us’ or ‘RT’ engagement campaigns. The best way to improve your brand is to match it to key competitions. Ones that can be integrated to bigger campaigns. That taps into real life conversations. Something that is easy to enter and wil be fun. This might be worth having a brainstorming session with your team because that is always the best place to come up with new ideas. Especially if they are more socially savvy than you.

Share and Share Alike.

We should all give off the image that we care about something other than ourselves on social, otherwise we’re in danger of being a social outcast from the word go. If you start to engage and share with others in your industry and outside, then you might find that people will repay the favour and your audience will grow organically without much effort at all. You will also have a reputation for having your finger on the pulse.

What’s Going On?

You should know what people are talking about if you want to engage them. Keep your ear to the ground on current events and know where you can place yourself best to relate to it and your consumer.

Target, Aim, Fire.

There’s no excuse for just casting a net as wide as possible when you are trying to attract attention on social. In 2015 there will be no excuse for this type of thinking or practice. It’s up to you to make better networks.


You need to have as much transparency as possible to build loyalty. Add to that some unique campaigns and you should be away.

Less Time.

Everything just takes so much more time, so manage it, schedule it and delegate! More social channels, more tools to help you manage them effectively. Make sure you are on top of it.

If you want to make social work for you in 2015, then take on all these new skills and more.

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