Embracing Social Media to Drive Your Business

Today’s establishing businesses know the huge impact of social media on business revenue. It is something that a lot of old school businesses established pre 2000 have been slow to accept, but 2020 showed us that for businesses to survive and prosper social media is accessible to everyone. Your businesses social media ROI can be amazing if you’re using the right social media strategy.

Basically what social media is free advertising, but with the ability to reach all corners of the world and transform your business standing. It has allowed home-based moms the ability to create businesses from something simple like making cakes to hampers, all the way to social media influencers who have businesses wanting to feature on their outreach.

The best part about embracing social media is the ability to reach out and form relationships around the world – and this is where your business can make a huge impact.

Spreading the Word

Whilst your website would help to drive business and keep them engaged through responsive website design in Stockport, your social media presence is a way to drive even more traffic towards it.

The more impressions you make, the more revenue you make; it’s that simple. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are the perfect place to promote your products individually instead of having them occupy a section of your website with limited information.

It is here that you can individually focus on a post that highlights a product or service and informs people of the value it can add to their lives. Most businesses would utilise a digital marketing agency in Stockport to successfully maintain, promote and push their online presence over the many different social media platforms, whilst others like to start off doing small drives themselves. The good thing about a social media post is that it caters to those looking for your products or services, and has a greater response in driving people to your website than some online search engine could.

Saying the Right Things

When creating a social media post, it is important to think about what the end goal is – getting people to enquire further and start a discussion leading to a sale.

Posts should be about enticing someone to want to ask more, and not everyone wants to read a long drawn out post detailing everything. Adding your website link to that specific product or service at the end of your post is giving the ability for the user to answer their questions. What you should include is a clear image in high resolution of the product, and identify the prime pieces of information for it, then provide a link to your website so they can find out more for themselves. Your goal is to get people asking you the questions – if they ask the questions, they are already interested and your post is successful.

Be sure before posting that your spelling and information is correct. Your posts represent your brand and if the presentation is sloppy then people will think your business is also. Be consistent in your branding also, and be sure that whenever changes are made that it is reflected throughout all social media accounts.

Social media is the major contributor to establishing a sense of trust and professionalism for your company. It has both the power to build a business if taken seriously and destroy a business if done badly. For advice and guidance on harnessing the power of social media to boost your business profile, contact the team at Search and More, the number one stop for Stockport website design and to improve your social media ROI.

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