Social Media Trends 2015

We’ve done our research. We’ve blown away the cobwebs and we’ve taken stock of where Social Media is as we enter 2015.

And so we thought we’d share a few social media trends that you’re likely to see happening as the year unfolds. Being on your toes is an understatement.

We know that the landscape is changing, that audiences are scattered and more diverse and we know it’s competitive.

In fact, about a quarter of the world’s population uses social media. Every 60 seconds 4.7 million posts are uploaded to Tumblr; 277,000 snaps are shared on Snapchat; and more than five million videos are viewed on YouTube.

It’s actually a little scary when you think about it. With the Social Media army ready and waiting, here’s a few trends we think will dominate 2015…


We’ve already seen a small invasion from the likes of Instavid, Vine, Snapchat and Hyperlapse. Yes, social video is here. A way to tell a brand story. An emotional way to contextualise content and products. A way to grab attention and tap in to productivity or user generated content. Watch this space.

The Mobile Revolution.

Micro moments are here. On texts and push notifications or in apps. The progress of technology means that customers are reached in totally different ways. Having timely and contextual messages on a one-to-one basis is a revelation for some. Social apps are rife so we’re sure to see the mobile taken to the very heart of business marketing strategies.

Integrated Social Advertising.

We can see it happening on Snapchat and Instagram and Facebook as well as through Twitter cards. And it’s likely to continue in to 2015. Integrated social advertising is here. The better integrated with your other marketing resources, the more relevant and tailored your social advertising will be, which is why brands are looking to interlink all their channels and open the door to more opportunities. They will be looking at things like re-activation campaigns by serving ads to inactive or bouncing email contacts, automating social re-targeting and retention campaigns based on previous actions of your target audience.

Who Am I?

It’s all about privacy this year. And rightly so. Let’s look at the increase of platforms such as Whisper, Ello and Facebook’s independent Rooms. Brands and businesses need to find a way to pay homage to this trend, because it’s about offering transparency and control to the consumer. Having enough faith in your brand that it will stand up no matter what.

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