Are You Using Your Social Media Right?

The hot topic at the moment is social media marketing.

What people forget is you can’t go about social media marketing the same way as you would if you were dealing with your work area of expertise. If you think like this, you will make mistakes.

It is becoming apparent that people are making mistakes when measuring success, a large number of fans and followers is not necessarily a measurable guide.

It’s how interactive your fans are; you could have 300 interactive followers which is far more effective than 2,000 in active followers. It’s not the size of the footprint; it’s not the same as a newspaper, if you sell 10,000 papers it because you know someone has bought it to read as, therefore, it’s like an active follower, but this isn’t what happens in social media.

There are many social media profiles that are being used daily and active by the company, but what you need to measure you success by is the retweets, comments, likes, shares, this shows that what you are doing is engaging your audience and your audience is. You could have thousands of Facebook fans without it making a difference to your business.

In social media, the important factor is how many people feel compelled to talk about your business, through tweeting about it, bringing your business up on Facebook and sharing your videos, pictures or information blogs among their friends.

You need to be careful you don’t have too many vacant accounts as it has changed, managing one active social media business account properly can be a huge responsibility by itself.

This could result in far more business than having a profile on every social media platform, major and minor – Google+, Pinterest, Vine, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, among others. All that will result is you are spread too thinly sand have a handful of fans. You may be forced to abandon many networks or forget about them, and they lie dormant your business loses face.

So ideally depending on your business size use 2-3 social media sites and use what’s trending at the time too, Google+ is huge the moment, remove in active unresponsive social media platforms.

So the key is to put your business on a social media network, and focus on getting that one interacting with your audience make sure your reaching your customer base and getting responses, if not devise ways to do it, remember “ engage, engage engage” converse with your audience.

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