Struggling to gain followers on Instagram? This could be why

Instagram is now a massively influential social network – and consumers increasingly turn to the platform for information and advice on the latest trends, or the lowdown on a company they wish to engage with. With this in mind, a positive presence there is key for businesses of all natures.

Yet despite best efforts, some companies still struggle to attract followers and engagement on Instagram, even though it is easier to do so on this platform compared with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here we share a few simple tips you can employ to help you to increase your online presence (and your profits) through Instagram.

Sporadic posting and lack of structure

Regularity and frequency are both very important on Instagram. You need to post every day – at least once. If your follower numbers aren’t rising, yet you tend to post whenever you can (twice, three times a week at best) then a lack of commitment could be the reason behind low engagement and interest in your profile. Aim to post every single day – using a social media scheduling tool to help you to plan and stick to your calendar.

Poor use of hash-tags

Hashtags have been around for a while now – but that doesn’t mean that everybody now understands how to use them. Their principal use is the same across all networks – but on Instagram, hashtags are much more searchable and easily followed. Use between 25-30 relevant hashtags on each post, adding them to the first comment if you feel they disrupt the aesthetic of your written content. You can view how popular hash-tags are by starting to type on a post and viewing the numbers of posts that pop up as you do. Stay away from using terms simply because you think they sound good – instead, opt for tags that your target audience is actively searching for.

Low-quality visual content

Even the best businesses can get it wrong with visuals on Instagram. On a network saturated with imagery, it can be difficult to really stand out and make an impact. It’s certainly hard to be different – but sometimes it’s good to go with a trend. Make sure that your images are original – but take inspiration from accounts your target market is engaging with. All photos must be high resolution and well-edited – using similar filters or colourways to avoid a messy-looking profile. Bear in mind that low quality also includes uninteresting and irrelevant snaps – that distract from your profile’s core purpose and brand values.

Lack of engagement

To see results on Instagram, you have to actively engage with other users, sharing positive feedback, giving out a few likes and sending comments and messages where possible. This should ideally include love for followers and non-followers, as followers need to be nurtured, whilst non-followers will be encouraged to check out your page and potentially get on board with your brand.

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