The Why, What and How of Effective Infographics

Chances are that by this stage in time, you probably know how effective infographics can be. But at the same time, you might not understand why it is that infographics have such a high impact, or what it is about them that generates so much interest.

Which is why we thought we’d focus on a few of the fundamentals here, highlighting a few interesting facts about these marvellous marketing tools.

Why Do Infographics Work?

What we know for sure about infographics given the number of advanced studies carried out to date is that they are incredibly effective when it comes to both capturing audience attention and nurturing engagement. In terms of why, most experts suggest that it all comes down to the fact that 90% of all information picked up by the brain is visual. Visual information is absorbed by the brain approximately 60,000 times faster than text, while the use of images improves assimilation of the information presented by around 400%. When it comes to infographics, these relatively simple tools cleverly combine text and visuals in a manner that makes potentially complicated information significantly easier to understand and digest. All of which is precisely why glancing over an infographic for just a few seconds can potentially see the user (and their brain) take in and remember significantly more information than had they spent several minutes on a block of text.

What Makes An Infographic Likeable and Sharable?

As is the case with the vast majority of web content across the board, the key to creating effective infographics lies in providing the viewer with something useful. It can be something surprising, entertaining, educational or even shocking – anything that ensures that by the time they reach the end, they feel as if they have benefited some way from the information provided. As it is human nature to want to share this kind of information with others, get it right with infographics and chances are they will do exactly that. But the reason infographics tend to be so much more sharable than standard text with accompanying images is the way in which the viewer subconsciously appreciates the fact that they picked up the key message quickly and conveniently. As such, they also know that whoever they choose to share the infographic with will also benefit from this near-instant gratification.

How Using Infographics Can Drive Traffic

In terms of using infographics to drive traffic to your website, there are certain tips and tricks to get the job done more effectively. For example, it’s always a good idea to accompany infographics with superbly written articles – improving engagement and SEO prowess at the same time. In addition, the more websites and channels via which you can get your infographics published, the better.  Always ensure that the infographics you produce are relevant and up to date, as opposed to simply stuffing anything and everything you can into an infographic in an attempt to curry favour. And as always, there’s nothing more effective that emotional appeal and impact when it comes to nurturing shares – just as long as it’s relevant, accurate and doesn’t take things to extremes!

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