Think Your Business Can’t Use Social Media? Think Again, Part 1.

Many small businesses groan under the wide range of possibilities of marketing options.

Some may use local media to cover fund raisers they hold. Others can run an ingenious ‘reverse-graffiti’ campaign and also get in the local news for the wrong reasons. Do you jump on Twitter and retweet as many people as possible? Or hop on to Pinterest and post pictures of your office desk everyday?

Sure, Facebook has over a billion users, but are they looking for you?

This question is more especially if your business is B2B rather than B2C. It can get really hard to do digital marketing when you sell industrial skips or laser guided diamond cutters.

Or can it?

Granted that in the B2B space, accumulating likes on Facebook simply isn’t enough. But it doesn’t mean social media cannot work. You simply have to apply a Search and More plan. Our proven plan counters myths like:

  • My customers aren’t on social media networks:  That’s not true. With over 90% of adults in the UK using social media in one way or another, I can bet you will find an audience.
  • My products are too expensive/complicated/advanced to be discussed on social media: On the contrary, B2B buyers tend to take more time to research purchases before committing.
  • They look for reviews and recommendations; usually through user discussions on forums and social media.
  • Having one ‘lonely’ Facebook page is enough: Your lonely Facebook page with seven likes is simply proof that you know how to open an account. It doesn’t add any value to your business.
  • Getting likes that drive engagement and visitors to your offering is the true test

But I digress. B2B and social media can be a powerful combination if used correctly. The Search and More plan will help you to:

  • Find and nurture your ideal prospects
  • Collect relevant data
  • Use that data to target already interested prospects to drive sales.

Sounds complicated? It shouldn’t be.

Start here:

Pick your tools for your battles: Not all social media marketing tools are created equal. Not all platforms deliver the same ROI. LinkedIn is widely recognised as the business network, yet many are clueless about how just how powerful it can be.

It gives you a platform to become a thought leader; the go-to person in your industry. It allows you network with others and build valuable relationships. That is a good starting point, but also factor in Twitter’s instant messaging and the rise of Pinterest and image based social media. Amass the tools that work in your industry and learn to use them.

1. Building your brand awareness: Using LinkedIn, you can use an SEO tip and place unique keywords in your company listing. This allows your company to show up more frequently for those words, in the LinkedIn Searches (kinda like how Google was back in the day).

Take it a step further and use their ad network to target job titles in your campaigns.

Use LinkedIn’s suggested lists can help you cast an even wider net; you never know who may be interested in your service.

Join us next week for the second part of this article. We will show you which sources to tap for targeted traffic that won’t break the bank. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, social media still provides a cheap yet powerful marketing tool. Add content marketing, across multiple platforms and you can have a low-cost, yet high-engagement source of traffic.

At Search and More, we create campaigns for our clients; campaigns that drive sales. In a slump? Call us today.

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