Think Your Business Can't Use Social Media? Think Again, Part 2.

We are back on the topic of using social media for B2B marketing.

A surprisingly large number of B2B marketers think it is unnecessary and even unprofessional to have active social media accounts. But I beg to differ; the way social media is used determines it’s efficiency.

Remember that company blog many marketers urged you to start?

Did you know that the content there can be re-purposed? What about using Twitter to generate email leads? This post details some of our preferred tools for using social media to drive traffic and sales for B2B companies.

1. Finding your ideal B2B audience shouldn’t be limited to LinkedIn group trawling. The Twitter search bar can only do so much, before you will end up with non-targeted prospects. Followerwonk and Traackr are two of the best tools available today.

They both work off Twitter, and take advantage of the keywords people use to describe themselves to find influencers in your niche. Presenting a targeted offer to people who are interested and can impact your business simply works.

2. Remember all that good content on your blog? Tweeting about it, posting on Facebook, even driving paid traffic to it, are some ways to get eyeballs to your content, but here are two effective and unusual methods of driving targeted B2B traffic are:

  • Repurpose the FAQ/white paper as a presentation and place on Slideshare
  • Rewrite it and distribute as part of a Press release.

These methods work, as they are not perceived as offering value rather than being sales- driven. It also places you as an authority in the viewer’s sight.

With the visitors attracted, if your funnel is set up correctly, you can lead them to take an action; whether it is signing up for your newsletter or making a call.

Having a content marketer on your marketing team makes this easier to do. Search and More can create content in diverse industries and repurpose content in any way you require.

3. Unless your business is a pet grooming shop, posting of cute cat pictures won’t get you much traction. On sites like LinkedIn, you have the option to select groups you want are interested in and want to interact with.
Facebook’s targeting options allows some degree of targeting, but for B2B marketing, it can be hit or miss. By using the the Facebook Insights tool, it becomes easier to drill into your preferred audience and generate more engagement

The tool allows you to track how your audience engages with your content, what demographics they are, which user segments you are engaging with the most etc.

4. Remember that up to 65% of B2B buyers buy based on logic rather than emotion; hence it makes sense that they would like to see the product/service in action before buying. This is where the power of video comes in.
Making product demo and FAQ videos and uploading them to YouTube allows you gain more exposure and links. The link to the video can b cross-promoted on Twitter, Facebook, G+. You can use Vine’s six second videos to either show the ‘fun’ side of your brand or for quick, teaser-type videos.

A highly effective tip is to get customers to submit video testimonials. This will boost your social proof in prospect’s eyes.

5. A combination of Twitter and an email capture form proves that lead generation on social media is possible. If you can get visitors to fill an opt-in form, they are deeper in your sales funnel and you are one step closer to selling to them. Use a tweet to tell your followers about access to a free download, then place an opt-in form on that page.

They have to give you their email address to get access to your freebie. You have just gotten an extra way to make tweets pays for themselves.

6. Many B2B marketers don’t track their efforts. How do you measure the efficacy of a campaign of you don’t track all its metrics? From amount of visitors gained to levels of interactions via shares, likes and tweets, this data is invaluable for knowing what works.

I understand that having to scan multiple dashboards and platforms for this data, then collate and implement them may be daunting to many.

That is where tools like Socialbakers and Radian6 come in. These tools allow you measure the impact of your social activities. They allow you to monitor growth, channel performance, ad analytics management etc., all from one dashboard.

From company news to product development info, B2B buyers WANT to hear from you. And I’m not talking about memes, either. A common thread in B2B marketing is that marketers tend to be afraid to test new things. Establishing a presence on social media requires you get out there and actually open accounts and start interacting. Fail fast and learn from your mistakes.

If you are still sceptical about the power of social media for B2B campaigns, call Search and More for a chat about how we can help your business today.

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