When Is The Best Time To Post On Social Media Networks For Maximum Effect?

We’re all aware of the power of social media.

It’s a great channel for personal interaction, but it also has a significant benefit for businesses for marketing purposes. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses seeking maximum customer engagement are unaware of when the best time to post is. Consequently many companies post comments and messages randomly; hoping that somehow or other they will it the mark. In many ways this is understandable as until now no-one has really analysed the market, and looked at the statistics in depth.

Well, businesses are now in luck: somebody’s done the hard work for us.

Eric Boggs, CEO of Argyle Social and Jay Baer, CEO of Convince and Convert have teamed up and delivered a very interesting webinar, which they have kindly converted into an infographic so that businesses can target their social media marketing from now on. So, what does it tell us? Well B2B companies will fare better if they post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ during on week days during the hours of 9am to 7 pm, and surprisingly B2Cs are wasting their time trying to engage and interact with customers other than at the weekend. Is Facebook a better bet for business interaction than Twitter of Google+? Well, read on and all will be revealed.


B2B marketers fare better when they post during the working week. Mondays and Tuesdays are good days to tweet and post, as customer engagement increases by 5% and 2% respectively. Wednesdays appear to be a fallow time. Thursdays surprisingly are neutral, but interest and interaction picks up again on Fridays with a spike of 8%. As far as timings are concerned, B2Bs are best posting between 9 am and 7pmas this is when the greatest amount of interaction occurs as you would expect (+9%). There is some activity earlier on in the mornings, but understandably after 9 pm interest tails away quickly. We suppose even the keenest entrepreneur has to sleep at some time.

B2C marketers appear to be wasting their time posting on Facebook during the working week, as there appears to be little evidence of customer engagement. Maybe we’re all too busy earning the money so we can spend it at the weekends. Surprisingly customers seem to engage better at night time, rather than during the day when you might expect: with engagement increasing by 15 percent. Saturday interaction is relatively neutral, but things certainly pick up on Sundays with interaction increasing by 15%.


Although you would expect Twitter to follow the patterns of other social networks, there does appear to be subtle differences. B2B customers engage in similar ways: however, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are actually quiet times for interaction. The spike that businesses should use for maximum engagement seems to be Monday, and to a lesser extent Tuesday, with respective interaction figures of + 3% and + 2%. Weekends are fallow indeed. As far as timing’s concerned, 9 am to 7 pm is still the preferred option.

B2C marketers should ideally only post between these hours too. There appears to be very little hope of customer engagement if businesses post outside of these hours. Surprisingly, Saturdays are neutral, but Sunday sees a surge in interest like Facebook. The only difference between the two platforms is that the maximum interest and engagement is generated by Twitter followers during the day, not the early evening.

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