Top Tips On Social Comments.

How do you deal with comments on the social?

Especially negative ones.

It’s worth knowing exactly how to handle this. And importantly understanding that there’s really no need to panic if you get a little stream of bad activity. If you want transparency in a company, you need to know where your weaknesses are. And how you respond to negative feedback online or off will really be the true legacy of your brand or company. It’s a chance to put things right. A chance to apologise or implement step changes. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide what to do:

Respond Immediately.

Transparency is key. You don’t want people to think you need to hide something, so a positive response is always the best option. If it’s a straight forward opinion about your brand, then you can simply say: ‘Sorry to hear you don’t like the product.’ And then suggest another product they may prefer. It’s a chance to tell other people more about what you do. And assuming you have many grateful and satisfied customers, then add that in as well. In some cases you could just let your community respond. Hopefully someone will say: ‘I love them.’

Sort It Out.

Whatever the problem is, you obviously need to try and sort it out if you can. And then you can respond with an actual solution or resolution and shout about it. It’s all part of building a positive customer service reputation.

Use The Power Of Delete.

Don’t be afraid to delete comments if they are personal, rude or simply spam. These obviously just need to be avoided engaging with at all. And you have the right to take away things that are detrimental to your brand if they are untrue. If it is true, then deal with it head on. Best on a comment by comment basis.

Make Direct Contact.

It’s good to talk and you can do that in private on social. They just need to know that you are doing what you can to resolve the situation. If you can take the conversation private then all the better.

Block Them.

There’s always a pesky customer who just won’t take sorry for an answer and will continue to pursue the issue time and time again. If they are becoming angry and abusive then you can block them. Posts will still be seen by their friends, but not by yours.

Make Great Content.

Great content always distracts from the issue. What is everyone up to today, what’s the latest news, what’s the topic of conversation? Find things that are inspiring and engaging to distract people with. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

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