Why small businesses should be using Twitter

Many small businesses miss out on the advantages of Twitter. Did you know that 47 per cent of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit their website? This is why more businesses are making the most of the platform, and you should too with a Twitter guide for small business marketing!

If you’re not convinced, here is why you may want to reconsider…

Connect to customers

Twitter is a huge platform that is used by millions, including people in your local area. Small businesses can use Twitter to reach out to their niche or find people within a certain location. This will allow them to develop their marketing strategy to meet different audience groups.

It works for promotions and special offers

Facebook is not the only place to advertise products or services online. More businesses are turning to Twitter to promote their brand as not only has Twitter been a profitable platform since 2017, but the cost of advertising continues to drop!

Build relationships

Not only can you use Twitter to find your audience, but you can also build relationships with them. It isn’t just a place to post content, it is also perfect for engaging with your audience. Keeping an eye on topics surrounding the products or services you offer will allow you to step into the conversation and help those who may need it. Let Twitter guide your small business marketing. 

Monitor competitors

Just as you can with your audience, you can use Twitter to discover what your competitors are doing. So, if your competitors share particular content that performs well, you can utilise this to determine what you could be doing to spark a similar or even better response.

It’s great for customer support

Once you have created your account and have got to grips with the platform, you can use it to offer additional support to your customers. Many users turn to Twitter as a way to express their issues with the products and services they use. Whether they tweet you directly or simply mention your name in the tweet, you can reach out and help resolve any issues instantly.

Marketing new products

The main reason that businesses should utilise Twitter is to market products and services, even without paid ads! Your content should regularly include what you have to offer your audience, wish visuals such as photos, videos and gifs, to help create tweets that are engaging.

Provide information

Twitter is also a great platform for sharing general announcements. Whether you have had to close unexpectedly for a day, or your business hours are changing, Twitter displays posts in real-time, allowing your customers to see the news as soon as it’s available.

Promote your company blog

Finally, if you want to drive traffic to your company blog, Twitter is the perfect platform. Be sure to write an engaging post with a captivating image and post links regularly to ensure people click. Not only will this help convert website traffic, but it could go viral if your audience finds the content genuinely useful and enjoyable.

Let Search and More take care of your social content

If you would like someone else to take care of your social media content, we offer social posting as part of our digital marketing service. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

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