Why Social Media Focus is Growing in Importance for Web Retailers

With so many different approaches to building and making a success of an e- commerce business, it’s hardly surprising every online retailer has their own unique opinions. Nevertheless, it’s becoming more apparent by the day that regardless of personal thoughts on the subject, social media is fast becoming the number-one tool/resource for furthering an e-commerce venture. 

Not convinced?

Here’s a quick rundown of a few statistics that might just drive the point home:

1 – More than Marketing

First up, a recent study carried out by JD Power and Associates found that an increasing number of younger consumers in particular are turning to social media more for customer service reasons than for its marketing content. In fact, a full 43% of 18 to 29 year olds now see social media as a customer service tool, with just 23% of the same age group looking to social media for product marketing/promotions.

2 – Growing Influence

In terms of the influence social media has over e-commerce sales in general, TrueShip is expecting spectacular growth of 93% by the end of next year. Not to put too fine a point on it, social media efforts and performance will have the very real power to make or break a web business as a whole.

3 – It’s Not All About Facebook

Chances are that when it comes to using social media as an e-commerce tool, the immediate platforms that come to mind are Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Which are all well and good, but it is in fact YouTube that scores highest in the world with regard to low bounce rates, long visit durations and the highest number of pages visited per visit.

4 – Rapid Response

If you’re bombarded with thousands of messages every day, getting back to them in a timely manner can appear difficult, or even impossible. Nevertheless, a study carried out by Lithium found than no less than 53% of all e-commerce customers expect their Tweets to be responded to in less than one hour from being sent. Suffice to say, all the more reason to have someone watch over your social media activities/mentions full-time.

5 – Untapped Potential

Despite the fact that pretty much every business owner on the face of the earth understands and acknowledges the power and potential of social media, Harvard Business Review reports that just 12% of businesses actually believe they are using social media effectively. Which begs the question – why?

6 – Fab Feedback

Another recent study showed that a minimum of 90% of online consumers base many of their purchase decisions around customer feedback and comments. Social media represents the perfect platform for both gathering and sharing feedback – the importance of doing so proactively being largely self-explanatory.

7 – Timely Tweets

Last but not least, the folks at Shopify recently revealed that statistically speaking, it is more effective to spread Tweeting habits out over a longer period, being sure to post no more than one to four times per hour. In addition, they also suggested that posting a modest number of Tweets between 1pm and 3pm can potentially have the greatest impact of all.

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