Why Social Media Interaction Can Increase Customers.

Maybe you should just quit.

Yes, it may be time to quit using that social media strategy that isn’t getting you any leads or sales.

In a study by Fox Business, customers that are active on a business’ social media added 5% more revenue than non-active customers. An extra 5% in revenue just for having a social media profile sounds good, doesn’t it? But herein lies the problem; in trying to reap the ‘cheap and quick wins’, businesses tend to abuse social media.

Buying into the idea of ‘the more, the merrier’, businesses start to buy likes and followers or try to automate everything. This only leads to disengagement on a large scale. On social media, people simply do not want to be sold to. They come there to be social; to have fun, get some light entertainment, procrastinate, but not to buy anything. The wrong practices can cost you your following.

Should you ditch Social Media Marketing?

Absolutely not! In a 2014 survey, 67% of Twitter users surveyed said they started following brands after being exposed to them. 38% of them went on to make a purchase.

60% of customers who have purchased from SMEs in the past will become repeat customers, and 40% of them said they follow to learn about new products – not to be sold to, but to learn. Respondents are also twice as likely to take action with information shared on Twitter than with information via direct mail or email.

Fans for life? Repeat purchases? Engaged followers? Sign me up!

To take full advantage of this marketing platform, your business should aim to foster better customer interaction. Your efforts have to resonate with your prospect. Many businesses struggle because they apply push-marketing. But social media was not designed for selling. Remember, prospects are here for the entertainment and conversation.

According to the See-Think-Do marketing model, social media is great at See, (easy to show prospects) often good at Think, (inspired conversations) but sucks at Do, (after the conversation, what next?). Many times, it’s on to the next shiny post.

So how can you stay on your prospect’s minds?

The key is to have better interaction on social media; showing them that you put their needs first and actually care about helping them.

To do this, build your campaign around these principles:

Do You Speak-A The Lingo?:

Each target audience has their own vocabulary, tone and expressions. If you want better interaction and engagement, you need to speak their ‘language’. This also applies to the choice of platform. Are you in the right place? Know your target audience and choose the best medium to tell your story.

Using The Wrong Content:

To get any attention, you have to show the prospect that it’s all about them. What can they take away from you? How can you help them to make the right decision?

  • Provide content that teaches them. Use Q & A style posts, FAQs, and comparisons to help prospects make better decisions.
  • People are often inspired to share, and promote your brand, if they’ll get access to something exclusive. One very effective way is to implement a refer-a-friend model where both parties get something of value. (Remember, people trust their friend’s recommendations).
  • Depending on the industry, content creation can become difficult, predictable, and boring. Text-heavy content can be re-purposed into graphic representations, slide decks and videos. This helps to liven up your offering. and also allows you to use the same on other platforms.
Never Go Ghost Mode:

Remember we said these platforms are used to inspire and nurture conversations. Whether it’s responding to posts, managing a complaint or simply thanking them for commenting, being available helps people connect with your brand more. Let’s face it, you will get some negative feedback; but how you respond to it can make all the difference. Avoiding customer complaints is simply not acceptable.

Humanise Your Brand:

Aim to put a personal spin on things; your posts, tweets, and conversations. This ‘personal’ spin MUST be what your brand is about. It goes back to you speaking the correct lingo. Nobody is enthralled by corporate-speak and your prospects will respond better if they feel a connection with your brand.

As with all marketing, it’s also vital that the right metrics are tracked and measured when using social media. Facebook likes simply cannot not pay staff salaries.; focus on conversion rates and amplification of your content.

Many businesses start out with good intentions, but over time, they drift and forget the ‘social’ aspect, hammering on the marketing. Remember, that social media was never meant to be a sales platform. Attempting to use it as such leads to massively expensive, yet failing campaigns.

Need a social media campaign that generates a great ROI? Contact Search and More today. Our experts have years of experience helping businesses like yours.

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