How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Headline.

Have you ever asked yourself whether your LinkedIn headline works for you? Many people don’t even realise what it says. Or think about it for very long.

Not many people realise that you can change your LinkedIn headline. Left alone it will always default to your current position and company, and the vast majority of users leave it this way.

Which is absolutely fine if you don’t want to stand out from the crowd. But if you do, then it’s no time to really think about something a little more compelling.

Your headline is actually pulled in automatically from you company profile. And most people leave it exactly that way without a second thought.

But in my view, this is really a waste of some fantastic advertising space. Free advertising space about you that is.

So to edit your headline go in to the profile and click on to the little pencil icon. And see what you can come up with.

What’s Special About Me?

It’s all about being unique, so be specific. Tell them exactly what you do, and more. You aren’t just your job title after all. You might specialise in a particular area. But you can add in your specialties, your industry focus and/or what you are most known for.For example, if you are a photographer, you’d want to draw attention to what you do best So rather than just ‘Advertising Photographer’ you may want to put ‘Advertising Photographer specialising in studio portraits and outdoor pursuits.’

You may also want to inject some personality. ‘Advertising Photographer with a passion for real-time memories’.

If you can sell one particular area then you have suddenly made yourself unique and are already ahead of the competition.

Be Inspired.

It’s normal to get a mind blank about these things, so if you really can’t think of anything creative then why not search your particular career group or business until you find someone else who stands out from the crowd. If it works, then there’s no reason you can’t be inspired by other LinkedIn professionals.

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