Writing bios to supercharge your social platforms

It’s a very small aspect of what is a presence online largely made up of impactful individual elements. But your bio or ‘About’ snippet on social media platforms is a powerful portion of text that helps followers make up their mind on what you’re all about – and whether they want to engage with you as a result.

Deliver key information

The first thing to consider when writing a killer bio is the key information that needs to be included. Contact details of some sort are a must – and a website address if you’re serious about conversions. What do you do? How do you do it? It may be helpful to write a list of this key info – before turning your attention to how you want it to be presented.

Be different

It’s fairly simple, to sum up what your company is about and what you do. But it’s much harder to get creative and figure out how you can present that information in an engaging manner within the space of just a few lines. The way in which your bio is presented will largely depend on the nature of your business and audience. What’s appropriate for you? How much do you really need to reveal? For example, some companies stick with a one-liner and a web address. Others feature full contact details and a simple slogan. Many choose to construct a complete bio of a few lines to sum up their focus and values. The most crucial aspect of this process is ensuring that whatever you put up in your bio is different. The combination of content and other elements must be eye-catching and quickly communicate information in such a way that it compels readers to hit the ‘follow’ or ‘like’ button. If it suits your company you can even add emojis or creative formatting for interest.

Change it up

Companies that use social media marketing successfully know that currency is as important as presentation. This is especially true on Instagram, where up until now the only way to share a clickable link was through a profile’s bio. It’s worth updating your bio periodically with news, offers or calls to action – even leaving space to do so when you first construct the bio so that you can easily add to it without worrying about taking up too much space.

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