If You’re Going To Post Video Links On Facebook Then Do It On A Friday Suggests Adobe.

If your business is looking to broaden its social media reach and explore new ways of interacting and engaging with different audiences, here’s a question for you.

Which social media platform best suits your business? Which will give it the broadest reach and greatest rate of return? Well, normally you would take your cue from what other businesses say. Some will swear by Facebook, whilst others will rally to the cause of Twitter or Google+, but the savvy businesses will look to independent analysis before they finally take the plunge – analysis from experts like Adobe. Well, if you consider yourself savvy and clued-in, then you might want to take a look at the latest Adobe report of social media trends and performance.

Adobe’s latest Social Media Intelligence Report which analysed paid, earned and owned social media trends for the first quarter of 2014, found that if businesses are looking for ROI then Facebook is currently where it’s at. Using its unparallelled data set to analyse 260 billion Facebook ad impressions, 226 billion Facebook post impressions, 17 billion referred visits from social networking sites, and seven billion brand post interactions including comments, likes and shares, Adobe found that Facebook’s advertising business continued to grow with click through rates (CTR) and ad impressions increasing by double figures quarter-over-quarter: 20% and 41% respectively. What’s more, Facebook’s revenue per visit (RPV) also grew by two percent quarter on quarter, whilst RPV from Twitter and Tumblr declined by 23% and 36% respectively.

Why is Facebook stealing a march on the competition?

Well, according to Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst, Adobe Digital Index, it’s because Facebook has realised that success is dependent on never standing still and resting on your laurels:

“Social media continued to grow even after a strong holiday quarter and the seasonal slowdown expected in Q1. Marketers are learning how to best reach their audiences across different social media channels, and companies like Facebook are making changes to their algorithms and adding functionalities like auto-play of videos, which impact brands and users and how they engage with content.”

Adobe’s research found that video advertisements and post replays on Facebook were up by 785% year-on-year, that Facebook’s ad clicks increased 70 per cent year-on-year and 48% quarter-on-quarter, with ad impressions up 40% and 41%, respectively. It also discovered that text-only Facebook brand posts were losing share and engagement, while posts with links rose by 167% QoQ and by 775% YoY. Interestingly Adobe also found that not only were the number of video plays up on Facebook, but that engagement rates, including likes, shares and comments on video posts also rose by a quarter.

Any final words of advice for companies who are about to take the plunge and posts video ads on Facebook from Adobe?

Well, only this – if your business is going to post then statistically the figures suggest that you’re better off doing it on a Friday. Adobe discovered that almost a quarter of Facebook video plays and 16% of post impressions took place on Fridays.

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