3 content marketing errors that could be damaging your business

Never underestimate the power of content. That’s the message that Google has been peddling for some time now, and generally that message is the right one. If you really want to make an impact, attract a loyal following and make headway in the SERPs, then you’ll have to create great compelling content. But what if you’re content isn’t that great? What if the type of content you create is slowly stifling your brand’s appeal? How do you go about putting it right? Well, you can start by avoiding these 3 simple digital marketing mistakes: not taking mobile seriously, failing to fully appreciate the intricacies of social media and playing it too safe.

Not taking mobile seriously

You might still be convinced that mobile is just a flash in the pan, but statistics would definitely suggest that you are wrong. If you want proof of the importance of mobile in today’s digital marketing world, then just look at the evidence. 61 per cent of all internet activity in 2015 was conducted via a mobile device: that’s up 4 per cent on 2014’s figures. Google is certainly taking mobile seriously – as its algorithm updates prove – so your business should be doing so too.

If you fail to optimise your content for mobile devices you could be doing your business serious harm and be competing with one hand tied behind your back. So if you only plan to do one thing to improve your digital performance this year, then make sure you optimise your content for mobile.

Failing to appreciate the intricacies of social media

Social media is a complicated beast. It is a nuanced arena, where different interests and specialities are best served by particular platforms. For instance, if your content is mainly written, then Instagram isn’t the right platform for you. Yet businesses approach the medium in one of two ways. They either embrace it wholeheartedly and try to establish a presence of every social media platform; or they ignore it completely. Both approaches are wrong and could ultimately be damaging for a digital business.

Social media is here to stay, so you simply cannot ignore and bury your head in the sand. Embrace it instead, and use it to help you brand build a reputation online. However, if you try to establish a presence on every social media platform, then you will soon come unstuck. Either you’ll have to devote every waking hour to updating and staying relevant on every site, or you’ll spread yourself too thinly and ultimately fail to satisfy anybody.

The best advice is to only target and have a presence on those platforms where you know your followers and target audience hang out. If they don’t interact with certain platforms, then you shouldn’t either. So do your research. Find out where your target audience spends its time, and target your content there.

Playing it too safe

Only the foolhardy actively court controversy. Yet controversy is all around us every day, so we can’t simply choose to ignore it. It’s far too easy to rest on your laurels and produce bland content. Granted middle-of-the-road content won’t divide or offend your target audience; but the truth is it won’t inspire them either.

If you want to make a mark, then don’t be afraid to be controversial. Controversy gets people talking. So embrace subjects that you might think are controversial and express your opinion on them. It will increase your social shares and get people talking about your brand. Obviously there’s a fine line to tread here. You can’t afford to be too controversial. You’re not in business to offend anyone’s sensibilities. Your role is to get people talking and exchanging opinions.

So deal with both sides of the argument: weigh up the pros and cons with committing yourself either way and let your audience take the debate on further. What you should be doing is looking to make a mark and leave an impression. If you get people talking, then you’re doing that.

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