4 Ways to Add More Subscribers to Your List Today.

Email marketing works.

You know it now. Yesmail, the email tracking software firm, recently confirmed that there are more emails arriving in subscribers inboxes in 2014 than in the same period in 2013. They also confirmed that the number of opens for each subscriber has increased by 6% year-over-year. This means, while consumers are getting more marketing emails, they are actually more engaged.

But you already know this.

By implementing our tips, you have started your first list and are adding subscribers steadily. Keep using our recommended nurturing tips and you will see a high retention subscriber rate. Now it’s time to scale up. Having more email subscribers gives you the power to grow your business without relying on SEO.

Some of these techniques may seem familiar; that is because you used a newbie’s version when building your first list. We’ll be taking some of those steps further. Now that you have the confidence to build your list, use the following tips to quickly gain even more subscribers.

1. Using Polls.

We already said, email marketing is a 2-way street. You should be monitoring your stats to see which emails are getting opened, which subject lies your subs respond to, which links get clicked in the emails etc. Asking your subs what they want to see lets you find out what is important to them and helps in the content creation process.

You can us the surveys to ask them what kind of content they prefer. Ask them frequency. Qualaroo is a popular survey tool that asks visitors to your site, questions you set. This nifty tool can be reset to encourage signups not just ask questions.

2. Play with your words.

You only have a few seconds to catch their attention on your optin page. The words you choose will go a long way in determining how many people will take the bait and sign up for your freebie.

Studies show that using action words can increase the perceived value of your freebie. Make your subscribers feel like they are getting a product written by an expert, Instead of describing the freebie as ‘a free e-Book’, tell them its a Featured Download, an Exclusive Download, Secrets etc.

3. Use Testimonials.

Why should people even listen too you? Letting previous customers blow your trumpet for you; using testimonials is one way to attract new subscribers. The social proof of your testimonials shows visitors that you are a credible authority source of information. Testimonials also reflect user engagement. It’s easy to brag about number of email subs and think that is a measure of success. But what if all 2,000 of them are inactive?

Include testimonials in prominent places on your blog; in sidebars, under optin forms etc. You can also encourage people to to leave them on social media.

4. Super Charge Your Content.

Using your analytics data, identify the highest converting pages on your site. Take the information on that page and make it even better. Say you have a resource on how your service differs from your competition and how subscribers can benefit. You can go one up and add a video tutorial, a way of doing things even easier or even an interview with an industry expert.

Make this list as attractive as possible. What format do your visitors like to get their content in? Videos, pdf documents, audio etc. For visitors to get access to this super resource, they need to sign up to your list. In exchange for a new subscriber, they get content that has been known to convert in a format that they’ll love.

Win Win Win.

There you have it. Five powerful ways to gain new subscribers today. Implement one step per week in your email campaign and you will be on your way to a highly converting email list. Search and More Ltd, can help you create targeted marketing campaigns to increase your client base. Call us today.

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