A Fresh Roundup of Key Mobile Marketing Statistics

If you aren’t already allocating a sizable amount of your digital marketing budget to mobile, research suggests you are already somewhat behind the curve. Surveys have clearly shown that the biggest and most successful businesses out there are increasingly diverting focus to mobile marketing, which far from a passing fad represents the new norm.

From a small business perspective however, actually getting into mobile marketing in the first place doesn’t necessarily come across as a priority. Some see it as too expensive, some believe it to be difficult to execute and others (quite wrongly) believe that mobile will in fact only be a temporary shift.

So specifically for those who have not yet up their interest and involvement in mobile marketing, what follows is a fresh roundup of key statistics to help drive home its real and growing importance:

Mobile Has Officially Taken Over

According to the latest research carried out by Pew, more consumers are now in possession of a smartphone than are not. Not only this, but it is also predicted that by the end of 2018, more than half of the total population of the world will own some kind of connected mobile device. There are already more than two billion smartphone users in the world and this is only set to continue accelerating indefinitely.

Consumers Spend Weeks Staring At Mobile Devices

In another first for the world, research now also suggests that the average consumer now spends more time each week using connected mobile devices than they do watching television. As terrifying a statistic as it may be, data shows that consumers in general are now spending in the region of three full weeks every year staring at their devices. Suffice to say therefore, the power of mobile in terms of marketing potential really is unparalleled.

Mobile And E-Mail Are Interconnected

According to results of a recent survey, approximately 75% of consumers now access and open their emails primarily or exclusively from mobile devices. Not only this, but it has also been proven that the likelihood of promotional/marketing emails being opened in the first place is exponentially higher when they are received via mobile. Conversion and click-through rates are also much higher with emails accessed via smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Made Social Media A Success

While social media would no doubt have been enormously successful regardless, it is nonetheless true to say that the phenomenon owes a great deal of its biblical success to mobile. As of right now, the average individual is known to spend in the region of 30 hours every month engaging with mobile apps, with the overwhelming majority of social media traffic originating from mobile devices.

Most Businesses Are Still Not Fully Exploiting The Power Of Mobile

Last but not least, while it’s natural to fall into the assumption that succeeding in the mobile arena would be difficult due to sheer competition, research suggests that the vast majority of businesses are still not fully exploiting the power of mobile. Not only this, but no more than about 20% of smaller businesses are giving mobile any attention whatsoever of the moment, meaning that the doors really are wide open for those who do.

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