Several Seriously Interesting Stats From Early March

As expected, the latest Creative Programmatic event chaired by the good people at Econsultnacy brought to light a quite astonishing array of digital marketing facts, findings and statistics. From ad-blocking habits to mobile app downloads, it was a highly eclectic bag of statistical goodies to say the least – most of which were beyond interesting and relevant.

So just to bring a few of the incredible statistics from the event together, here’s a quick rundown of several seriously interesting web marketing statistics from early March:

1 – First of all, research carried out in the United States found that the average attention span of the average American adult is now a quite eye- opening 8 seconds. And as many were quick to point out, that is in fact one full second less than the average goldfish! A highly significant consideration to take into account when looking to win over new customers.

2 – In terms of sticking around long enough to see what you are all about, it was found that at least 20% of all web pages bounced within a maximum of 4 seconds. Right at the other end of the scale, only one in every 25 web pages manages to hold on to the attention of the reader for 10 minutes or longer.

3 – On the subject of that clearly diminishing power of TV advertising, research has shown that when the average person watches TV, they are distracted 48% of the time. Not only this, but close to a quarter (23%) cannot remember what was on the screen when quizzed on the spot.

4 – The subject of being bombarded with an incredible amount of information from all angles was also discussed at length. Whereas people could expect to see 500 marketing messages in the average day back in 1970, this has now exploded to no less than 7,000 marketing messages.

5 – Research carried out by the folks at Facebook found that on a global basis, there are now approximately 3.2 billion people with access to Internet connections – the remaining 4.1 billion still waiting to be connected.

6 – Interestingly, the same research also found that among those who are not yet connected to the Internet, the vast majority are women.

7 – Filtering nuisance pop-ups is becoming more and more popular all the time with British Internet users. In fact, a full 22% of adults in the United Kingdom are now using ad blockers – somewhere in the region of nine million Internet users. This represents a 4% increase since the beginning of 2016 alone.

8 – A price has finally been put on the consequences of providing a poor customer experience – somewhere in the region of £234 billion each year. That’s how much UK brands are losing, simply by not providing their customers with the kinds of experiences they expect.

9 – Up to 92% of consumers stated that they have personally encountered a terrible customer experience, though 69% state that they still prefer to make purchases online than in person.

10 – In terms of conversions, a third of consumers polled in the United Kingdom said that they had abandoned planned purchases during the transaction process, simply due to not being able to find all the information they needed.

Stay tuned for more facts and figures, coming soon!

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