Why is imagery important when promoting your business online?

Some businesses invest in websites and plan for their future effectively. They understand the importance of functionality, digital marketing, blogging and social media. Yet many concentrate so intently on the site structure and launch itself that they forget about the quality of what’s contained within. In this blog we cover an incredibly important element of website design and online marketing – images.

Images enhance user experience

‘User experience’ is a term discussed a lot in marketing circles – and not without reason. That’s because user experience (the way in which your audience interacts with your website positively or negatively) is crucial to the ongoing success of a business’ presence online. The people you wish to spend money with you have to engage with your materials and gain something from the time they spend with you – virtually or otherwise – and for this reason user experiences can make or break even the most expensive of websites if not considered properly. User experiences are influenced by several things – and one of these is design. More specifically, the imagery contained within the design of your site.

Irrelevant or poor quality images can turn users off and cause them to become disengaged and disinterested – or at worst this could negatively effect their buying decision. Size and placement also matters, as images need to flow with the content around them and naturally draw the eye without being distracting or irritating.

Many users like to be communicated with visually

This is especially relevant where social media is concerned – as in a newsfeed saturated with posts which many users find irrelevant, yours needs to catch their eye to stand out. Effective posts include images which are hard to ignore, whether that’s an interesting infographic, an aerial photograph from a development you’ve been involved with or an example of recent work.

Images are eye-catching and engaging

By nature, photography or graphical imagery demands attention. They break up text and other design features, tell a story without words, give a positive or negative impression of a product, service or business. This excellent communicative power is great for businesses whose market don’t wish to read a lot of copy, or who need to receive the message you need to convey quickly and easily.

Images must be high quality to be effective

Whether it’s a graphic, a logo, PDF or a photograph, you must ensure that whatever you share with your target market online is of the best possible quality. Blurry, grainy images which are difficult (or even impossible) to view are both frustrating and negative for clients in terms of the impression they give of your business. For web your image needs to be at least 70 dpi (dots per image). If you’ve invested in support from a professional photographer or graphic designer then your images should always be high resolution and optimised for web so that they don’t slow load times or crash.

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