Blogs: The Great Content Source

Some people believe that blogging is a past form of marketing and that it cannot help your business grow, whilst others fail to continue following their first initial post failing to gain any viral growth.

Blogging is still very much alive and well – and pulling in good results. It trails only video content as the most common form of marketing, used by many brands you use every day as a part of their marketing efforts. The reason being is that blogs provide a lot of benefits that other forms of marketing cannot duplicate.


Blogs are the additional voice to present your knowledge to your clients or customers, showcasing your products and services and establishing you as a voice of expertise on them.

The written form of information establishes you as a credible source which helps to grow word of mouth about your business. When you gain a customer’s trust as an expert, you start to earn more by being the go-to provider of your services or products. This can be in the form of providing insight on news and trends, offering advice that customers appreciate and sharing knowledge about items the customer does not know about.

The main reason someone reads a blog is to gain information.

Driving Sales

A blog is an essential piece of your sales arsenal, where you can include links to places you want them to head over to – such as your website or to a certain product. This is a major step towards making that sale.

By using calls to action – such as ‘Click to learn more’ or ‘Book a consultation’, you are helping in huge part to drive sales. Telling people what you want them to do can have a tremendous impact on your turnover rate as people like to know what it is you want from them. On the flip side, you can use a blog to provide information regarding what they need for certain projects or steps in a process, with them using it as a helpful guide.

Providing links to the items required increases the chances of easy sales.

Targeting Your Audience

The best part of blogs is the ability to build a community and get to know your customer’s wants and needs. Most audiences you have will have a smaller attention span and not want to read long articles, which is why you have to gauge your information.

You want your audience to enquire further and reach out to you, so leaving some details for them to contact in regards to always helps to increase your engagement with your clients.

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