Influencing Your Users Perception of Your Business

The one thing that propels the identity of your business more than anything is your website. It is the online representation of your business brand identity and the first experience a user will have of dealing with you.

This means that to appeal to your users, you need to appease them and engage with them, ensuring that everything is pleasant and simple for them to do business with you. When you look at your current website, you will no doubt have a mixture of good and bad.

We need to focus on the bad to get the best from your appearance.


It’s no secret that web design trends change consistently, and those that don’t catch up are incredibly easy to spot.

Users won’t know the last time your copy was updated, but they will not miss the design failing to meet the expectations of today. The design of a website is extremely important, with the biggest impact on your business overall – as it determines whether the users stick around to explore it further.

Outdated websites that do not incorporate responsive website design Stockport are frustrating when users are accessing through mobile devices. If you are not offering them the best solution to all of their online needs, you are already showcasing that your competitors are way ahead of you.

Humans are very visual and judge and decide on things based on appearances. If your website is not responsive, this is the first fix on the list.


Simplicity is key when it comes to your website, as everyone who visits wants to have their interaction to be done in a few clicks as possible.

You want your users to convert into business, not confused as to where anything is that they want. A confusing website puts people off instantly and suggests that you are not interested in their experience as a whole. What this results in is a quick hit of the back button to find another website that meets the need for ease.

Review your website to see how it can be simplified in user experience to make things as easy as possible.

Outdated Contact Options

Your website is an open door to ask more questions, giving users enough information to fuel further enquiry. It can all be for nothing if your avenues for contacting you are outdated or not working.

Users want to ask you questions – the same as they would if they were in your store or office. If you have no or old email contact, outdated phone numbers or no button to give them a quick response, it is going to be a frustration all around.

The best way to combat this is to create a specific contact page where enquiries can be sent directly to you, with phone numbers and email contacts in the header and correct.

These are key things your website says about your business, at the least forgiven for being outdated. Contact the team at Search and More today for Stockport website design to influence your users and build your business brand identity.

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