Avoiding the Cheap as Chips Tagline When it Comes to Web Design

You have all had that web designer who has offered you the option of a website that is ‘cheap as chips’ and gets you out there, and as a thriving business owner you may think you have fallen into a bargain, but as usual, cheap website design and hosting is an easy trap to fall into as you won’t be getting the results you desire. 

The plain truth behind web designers is that if they are great at their job, the price is reflected within it. If you are paying pennies for a website, you won’t draw any pounds. Instead, you will undoubtedly be greeted with disappointing delivery and even greater numbers of disinterested customers visiting your bargain site.

With money poured down the drain on a cheap fix for a website, your business also suffers and loses more from a majority of problems underneath the design.

Low Ranking

If your website is cheap as chips, then ten to one it is not responsive website design Stockport; and if it is not responsive web design then you will hardly rank highly on search engines and won’t be able to be found online easily, so you won’t be attracting new customers as a result.

Cheap website templates lack the fundamentals of SEO Stockport, paying little attention to the requirements to being search engine friendly, meaning you won’t be showing up anywhere near the top pages of searches for your industry, which is where your customers will be.

Slow and Unprotected

Generally, cheap web developers will use a common template over and over again, which will no doubt be crammed with features not relatable to your company. They could be blog sections or forums or even eCommerce which does not fit in with your business area.

Whilst they may say you have it in case you ever decide to use it, this coding will still be loaded behind the scenes and affect the speed and usability of your website. This is increasingly frustrating for mobile users and not good for any rankings you are hoping to achieve.

What you also don’t comprehend is that these templates have been used thousands of times and are prime targets for hackers to prey on due to their ease. Having the same code allows for similar vulnerabilities which experienced hackers can identify within minutes, and will then cost your business dearly.

Just Looks Poor

Using a template is the lazy option employed by low-cost web designers, and never is it more reflected in your branding. When it’s a cheap option, your company will look generic, void of personality and uninteresting.

What that translates to is your service and product will be the same. When it comes to pushing your web developer to change something more to your liking, you may be pouring more money away needlessly whilst they quickly try and educate themselves on how to undertake the task.

A good web developer relies on their reputation to provide the best product, and having that knowledge to hand at the beginning is a clear sign.

Don’t suffer the same mistakes as everyone else who is regretting using a cheap website design and hosting company. Invest effort into your business by reputable Stockport website design agencies who know what they are doing and work to make your business profitable.

Contact the team at Search and More today.

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