Building That First Business Website

Everyone that starts a small business decides there and then that they are going to give their own web presence a go; usually utilising a free web builder found online with limited customization and simple logistics for their first business website.

Having a professional web presence is more important now than at any time in history, so it is a business necessity to thoroughly think about how you will convey your identity, message and services into one area of your business operation.

How do you begin should you choose to do it yourself instead of utilizing the expertise of a specialist Stockport website design company.

Plan – Plan – Plan!

You may know your business and can reel off every aspect of it, but you are going to need to identify the requirement of your website before you jump in all guns blazing.

Every small business uses their website for different means; some for a simple identity, some to trade, some to draw enquiry, some to promote etc. You need to really sit down and have a goal for your website’s existence in order to successfully build toward it. If you don’t have a purpose then you will have no benefit; just cost in money and time.

Just as important as the goal is the message. How do you want to communicate to your client base? Even if you later adopt a digital marketing agency in Stockport, the message still needs to come from you as the core of the business. You don’t need to be long-winded, just enough to raise the enquiry and answer the initial interest. Users to most websites don’t have the patience for long drawn out diatribes about services or products. Identify the answers they are seeking, then provide them with the ability to ask you further.

To help yourself achieve this, visit a competitor’s website and see if the information they provide answers your potential enquiry. Don’t focus on what you can do, focus on what you can provide. There is a big difference between users.

Choose Your Pages

Almost all websites today encompass a few different pages to get their messages across. Even if you choose the simplest of formats such as a home page, an about page and a contact page, you will need to space out the relevant information.

You will also probably want to separate pages relating to services offered or products supplied. Keeping your first page as a general overview is always recommended, as this is like a board outside a restaurant explaining what types of products are on the menu. Your front page is your business menu to open up the appetite.

Inspiration can come from a trip through other websites to see what they have done in terms of design and interaction. This does not mean you need to copy them, but you may pick up some useful thoughts on how your website should and could look.

Your Domain and Host

No matter what, as a business owner you are going to have to secure your spot by purchasing your domain. Some providers offer free ones that come with extensions, but you would much prefer to – It just looks much more professional.

There are also many different hosting platforms to choose from, but it is recommended to read some reviews and be sure that the hosting provider is suitable for your business needs. Don’t go for the cheap and cheerful option. If they are good at speed and responsiveness then the price will be reflected. If it’s cheap, so is the service.

For more information on setting up your website and website design, and taking the initiative in employing specialists in responsive web design in Stockport, contact the team at Search and More. Web designers in Stockport who know how to use internet marketing and SEO in Stockport to make your first business website perform better.

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