Why Would I Let A Digital Agency Run My Website?

Free automated website building platforms are plentiful in their volume on the internet, but the big problem with them is that they all come with similar problems – a lack of adaptability. What you see is basically what you get.

Even though it is a vastly cheaper option than having a digital agency take on the task of building your website, the truth is that – whilst you can certainly build and launch a website – it just won’t look very distinctive. That is, you will look like a templated website that 5000 other small businesses have already chosen to base their model on.

Whilst that may sound pretty harsh, it is certainly better than finding out the hard way after dragging and dropping a website to not get any business. A successful website takes something much more personal.

If you have a website currently that has been self-built, ask yourself why it may not be getting the traffic you want – or if the targeted customers are even finding it – or if it looks trustworthy to a client’s eye. If the answer is no to any of them, you definitely could use a digital agency on your website.

Target the Audience

When a great website is designed, it is designed with the user in mind – not the business as such.

A digital marketing agency Stockport identifies the markets and niches specific to your industry with analysis and uses metrics from modern tools such as Google Analytics. This allows for any holes in your website to be identified and ultimately help drive your conversions.

As well as the tools you cannot see, an agency knows how to use tools to create a powerful image that capture’s the user’s attention around your website. A clean, modern design of your website resonates with the people surfing the internet for your services. Without a digital agency helping to instil trust and credibility in your online form, you will be losing more clients than you gain for sure.

Favourable with Mobile Users

If you run an older website, you would probably be disheartened to be confronted with figures of how many users you are losing through not having a responsive website design Stockport.

How does it make you feel knowing that around 70% of people looking for your services are turning away because your website is not responsive? – that is, your website does not display how users expect it to on their mobile phones or tablets.

Consistency is key in the eyes of a user, and you can give it to them by making sure your website is responsive and subservient to their specific browsing needs.

A digital marketing agency Stockport is the smarter choice to run your online presence and gain the maximum amount of users turning into clients. Contact the team at Search and More today to discuss all of your online options.

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