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It’s clear to most businesses that a website is an essential component in every company’s marketing toolkit. Yet what many don’t know is that a website alone simply isn’t enough. A website that doesn’t cut the mustard is of little use – and even if your site is the best thing since sliced bread, if it can’t be found, it might as well not exist.

When clients come to us for a website we take into account a number of important factors based on their needs and target market. We know from personal and professional experience in web design that a fully comprehensive approach is the only way to achieve a fully impactful presence online – so we offer this as standard across the board for each and every one of our clients.

Satisfying your users and Google

There are two important parties to consider when building a website – your target market (the user) and Google. Neither works without the other. If Google is satisfied and you top the results for your desired keywords yet users find your site difficult to navigate and lacking in desired information, your customers go elsewhere.

Yet if your site is accessible, easily navigable and well-designed yet nowhere to be found when potential clients search for your services, customers go elsewhere once again. You don’t want your customers to go to a competitor instead of you – and neither do we.

That’s why we build our sites with both crucial parties in mind to ensure that you claim your rightful share of your chosen market.

Solid foundations

Our Stockport web designers build our websites using WordPress – but that doesn’t mean we simply select a template and mould your site around it. We never use pre-made themes – instead, we use WordPress simply as a reliable, high-functioning platform on which to build on – using our experience and expertise to hand-code your site from the ground up. We have the skill to write, code and create bespoke themes, apps and plugins for WordPress – ensuring that your site is truly unique and a perfect fit for your needs.

Why choose WordPress?

Globally around 65% of websites currently live on the internet are built using WordPress. This incredibly popular open source platform is perfect for professional web designers, as it enables them to easily manipulate and mould the interface to suit the client. Open source technologies also allow for developer feedback, meaning that the system is constantly improved according to the invaluable feedback of the professionals who use it day in, day out.

WordPress is also incredibly Google-friendly and user-friendly too. This makes satisfying the search engine easier and in simpler terms makes it much more likely that your site will be visible to your target market. Google selects sites built well that it knows are good quality for its reserved coveted top spots on its first pages – and WordPress is about as reliable and mainstream as it gets (Google knows all boxes will be ticked). For users, WordPress features a simple, easy-to-use interface which enables you to carry out general maintenance and updates without having to outsource the task or employ an extra member of staff to take care of the site for you.

Responsive as standard

Over 90% of web browsing is now conducted over a smartphone or tablet device – with nearly 70% of e-commerce purchases completed via the very same medium. What this means is that if your website isn’t responsive (doesn’t adapt and fit to all screen sizes and capabilities) it’s likely to frustrate users and go unnoticed by Google. We build all our sites responsive as standard – versatile, accessible and above all, user- and Google-friendly.

We know from speaking to clients who’ve previously had bad experiences that a half-hearted approach to web design and development simply isn’t enough to secure an effective, lucrative presence online.

This is why we offer extra as standard – additional services which many companies would present as add-ons – services which we believe are essential to the success of your site.

We are more than just web designers – combining both web design expertise and technical know-how to produce high-quality sites which look good and function perfectly without compromise.


We do more extra is standard

What’s the process?

Firstly, we sit down with you to get to know your business inside out and to ascertain your goals.

What does the website need to achieve?

Who does it need to appeal to?

What are your competitors doing?

We also take into account examples of which websites you like and which you don’t like – as this is incredibly important in giving us a feel for the desired design and functionality of your end result.

Then we design a visual based on our initial conversations which is presented for revision and approval before being built from scratch by our developers – all in-house, all bespoke.  


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