2022’s Website Essentials

If you want your website to stay in line with all of the current design trends, it may be time to focus some energy on a website redesign for 2022. After so much has happened to change the way people use the internet to find everything they want, you don’t want your users turning away because your website looks outdated or does not have crucial standards.

If planning to give your website that new refreshing look whilst making necessary improvements in the user interface, utilising the expert services of Stockport website design specialists is the best starting point.

Whilst data security, user-friendly navigation and fast loading times will always be standard, keeping your website at the forefront of design and search engines vis innovative designs and features should also be a priority.


One of the most prominent web design trends is all about colour, incorporating bright, bold, saturated colours to help your brand seem fresh and stand out as relevant in today’s market.

If you have used the usual neutral colours on your website for several years, you can switch things up with a colour combination that does not overwhelm the eye but gives just the right amount of welcome for your existing and new users.

User Experience

On any website, the experience for the user should be smooth, seamless and engaging – and today it is even more important.

Crucial steps for websites today is fast loading times and fully responsive website design Stockport. If you want your website to rank well and enjoy better conversion rates from users, these are two of the most important elements to include.

White Space

You may expect website white space to be minimal within website design, but having it helps your users easily navigate your site without distraction. The white area provides a break for users’ eyes to relax.

Proper white space will also enhance understanding by clarifying relationships between page elements, enabling visitors to observe two parts independently when they are sufficiently separated.

Background Video

Video can play a major role with your website that will allow you to share multiple pieces of information in just one space.

If you have automatic video, it can provide a lot of intrigues and share a story whilst reducing the amount of content on your home page. Having enough information in a one-minute rolling video can impart lots of information that would usually take up an entire page in the text.

Contact the team at Search and More for the very best in Stockport website design and have a refreshed and relevant website for 2022.

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