3 key components of a successful website

Successful websites have a number of elements which make sure that they fulfil their purpose effectively and keep visitors coming back for more. Whilst the following sections might appear obvious on the surface, it’s how they are employed and how the user engages with them which is important – and in this blog, we explain how you can optimise each to use them to your benefit.

An informative, engaging home page

Nine times out of ten, your home page is the first a visitor to your website encounters. This means it has to be pretty impressive to make them want to stay – and even more so to encourage them to engage with your brand the services or products you offer. Getting a home page right is all about understanding your audience and what they want to get out of your site. For example, car buying websites and comparison sites generally have a quote generator on the first page and a link to the About or FAQ page – because they understand that their customers want to know how everything works, then they want to go straight to the part which tells them how much money they can save. Similarly, low cost holiday companies fill their home pages with tempting deals and enticing images of sandy white beaches, with a handy easy navigation bar at the top enabling visitors to easily and quickly search for the holiday they’re looking for. This is because they understand that people looking to book a holiday have an idea in mind about where they want to go, when, and how much they want to spend – and want to generate a comprehensive search of their options right from the word go. They’re there to book a holiday – not to read reams of text about why they should choose the provider in question. Similarly you need to consider and identify the needs of your users then fulfil those needs immediately on your home page. This ensures they’ll stay – and increases the likelihood of them spending money with you.

Make the most of your About page

The ‘About’ page is a tricky one for many business owners – who simply don’t know what to write there. Whilst hiring a copywriter is a sure way to get your About page copy in check, you need to ensure you’re providing that person with the right information and honestly explaining how you want to come across to your clients (bearing in mind how they want you to come across). Then comes the task of design. If you do have a lot to say, make sure it’s broken down into easy to read portions or even separate pages, like Meet the Team. Most of all, ensure it’s targeted information which catches the eye of the visitor and once again tells them what they want and need to know – as anything extra will be ignored and is guaranteed to be frustrating for them.

Contact Us

The name implies that you want customers to get in touch – but for many users, the Contact page of a company’s website can represent a time-consuming, irritating search for the correct details in order to make a query or purchase a product. From difficult to use forms and irritating Captcha-style riddles to emails which don’t display correctly and phone numbers which don’t work, make sure it really is easy and quick to ‘contact us’. Differentiate contact methods using clear headings, and if you are using a form, make sure it’s quick to fill out and easy to use – no questions asked, no lengthy contact details required. This is guaranteed to turn off visitors (and potential clients) who simply wanted some extra information or to ask a quick question.

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