4 common web design faux pas (and how to fix them)

The world of web can be complicated and concerning for business owners. The importance of an effective web presence is well known, but understanding what that means and how to achieve it isn’t always so simple.

This often results in companies spending a fortune on websites that simply don’t work well for them. Riddled with issues and errors, they can do more harm than good to a business’ reputation. Here we share 4 key issues we commonly see with client websites and explain how and why you should fix them.

Non-responsive web design makes life difficult for users

Despite the fact that over 80% of websites are viewed on a smartphone or tablet device, many websites are still unresponsive. This means that they were built solely for desktop viewing, and don’t adapt well to being viewed on a different device. Usually, this greatly impairs user experience and can force them to go elsewhere – especially if your site is completely unviable via smartphone. The solution to this is singular – your site needs to be responsive. For this to happen, you’ll need to call upon experts to rebuild and redesign your site to ensure that it can be interacted with any time, anywhere, on any device. Read more about the importance of responsive web design in our blog here.

Poor imagery and content let down excellent design (or vice versa)

So many beautifully designed sites are let down by shoddy copy riddled with spelling mistakes, and poor quality imagery that’s blurred, inappropriate or badly cropped. When you invest in a site, you need to also invest in its content. That means employing a copywriter to create your content (or edit what you have written), a professional photographer to capture your brand visually, and a graphic designer to help your banners and ads really stand out. This also works in reverse – sometimes, great content is stuck in a poorly designed website, where it can’t fully engage users. In this instance, a professional web designer or internet marketer in Stockport can help to realign your content with a fluid and professional presentation.

There’s no SEO to put your site (and your business) on the map

SEO is a must for any business that needs to make money online – and companies of all shapes and sizes increasingly rely on the internet as a source of income. SEO specialists ensure that you can be found easily by your target market in an organic, natural manner. Without SEO, your site risks being buried by competitors with excellent internet marketing strategies.

Key information is missing (or hard to find)

It’s surprising just how many swanky websites provide a perfect example of style without substance. They look fantastic – but when you need to find a contact form or a particular page, it’s impossible. Coming back to user experience, it’s highly important that your site provides all the information they could possibly need in order to engage with your brand. Clearly displayed contact details are key – ideally, they should be present in a prominent place on each and every page.

Is your website performing as well as you would like it to? Do you need it to work harder for your business? Get in touch for a review of your current internet marketing and for help to improve your web presence.

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