4 key indicators that your website needs refreshing

When a business invests in a website it generally does so for a number of simple reasons. 1, so that the website will attract more visitors; 2, to ensure that the visitor’s experience onsite is satisfying; 3, to encourage visitors to come back time and again and; 4, to increase the total number of sales. In an ideal world it would also be nice if the investment resulted in a Number 1 Google ranking, but in a highly competitive online world, the chances of that happening are unlikely.

Once you’ve made the investment you may think your job is done. Yet time moves on and fashions change. Website design is changing constantly. What might have been cutting-edge design years ago no longer cuts anything – not even the mustard. Responsive web design and mobile-friendly websites are now the order of the day. If your website does not cater for these, then you’ll struggle to maintain your standing in the search results pages.

But how can you tell if your website has grown stale? What indicators can you use to judge the relevance and suitability of your current website design? Well, we think these 4 metrics should help you make the right judgement call:

Low search traffic

If your website is attracting fewer visitors than it was in previous years or your traffic is continually declining, then your website is obviously not properly optimised for search, and that can have long-term implications for the future prosperity of your business. Most purchases (81 per cent according to research by the Earnest Agency) begin with a web search, so visibility is crucial. If people can find your business, you’re never going to sell your products and services. How can a website redesign help with this problem? Well, a new design with a proper focus of keyword research and a better user experience will help to improve your website’s ranking on the search results pages.

High bounce rates

You may take a great deal of satisfaction from the fact that your website is attracting its fair share of visitors, but it they don’t stay around long enough to buy your products, then that’s no use to you. Visitors are only useful if they do what you want them to. How can you work out whether the loss of visitors – the bounce rate – is higher than it ought to be? Well, it’s notoriously difficult, but research suggests that anything above 55 per cent is bad (Rocket Fuel).

If your website’s bounce rates are higher than 55 per cent, then you need to identify the problem/ problems and address them. What causes high bounce rates? Well, it could be that your site loads too slowly, or the design is not intuitive, making it difficult for visitors to find the information they need, the look of the website is unprofessional, or the content is irrelevant and unhelpful. The problem may also stem from a combination of all of the above factors.

How will a website redesign help to address high bounce rates? Well, a redesign can make a website look more appealing, and can encourage viewers to navigate deeper into a site to find out what you have to say.

High bounce rates on mobile devices

If your website is experiencing high bounce rates from mobile devices, then that’s a clear signal that either the mobile version of your website isn’t working satisfactorily or isn’t optimised to provide an enjoyable experience on mobile platforms. When you consider that nearly half of all Google searches are done online and nearly a third of all online shopping is done via a mobile device, you begin to appreciate the problem. Mobiles have been a game-changer for website design, and a website redesign will ensure that mobile-friendliness is a top priority.

Low conversion rates

If your website is attracting lots of visitors but not generating sales, then this is a clear signal that your website is not doing its job properly. Every page on a website should have a specific goal, whether that’s getting visitors to click through to another page, sign up to an email list, contact you or buy a product. Sadly, many website designs don’t help to achieve these goals. A website redesign will help improve the overall performance of your site, help to attract the kind of visitors who are most likely to buy your products and drive visitors to take the actions you would like them to take.

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