5 clear signs that your website needs a redesign

If your website doesn’t have a lot of new content to update and has been running on the same design for some time, how can you tell that it might be the right time to consider a website overhaul? What are the signs which suggest that a website redesign might be needed? Well, here are some of the signs you might want to consider:

Your website is losing visitors

If you’re starting to notice a slowing trend with visitors coming to your site, the chances are that you need a website redesign. Of course it might simply be because you are not updating the content on your website or offering anything new for visitors, but generally people stop visiting because your SEO is not functioning properly, or they find the experience dull and uninspiring.

Any website that looks dated or unloved will quickly lose visitors and find itself out of favour with search engines. A redesign can make a website look more enticing, and can encourage viewers to navigate deeper into a site to find out what you have to say.

Your website doesn’t encourage mobile browsing

Internet users today are a discerning bunch. They expect the same rich visual experience and the same seamless performance, whether they’re viewing a website on a desktop or mobile device. So if your website doesn’t support mobile browsing, or isn’t geared-up and optimised to provide an enjoyable experience on mobile platforms, then you’re failing your audience.

Responsive design has not only revolutionised website design; it has also increased the expectations of users. Users now demand the same performance on both mobile and desktop. It might seem like an insurmountable task to be able to meet these expectations, as desktop and mobile are two wholly different beasts, but with responsive design the task is simple. With responsive design you no longer need to create a dedicated mobile site: responsive design lets you optimise an existing site to accommodate smaller screens and touch base navigation.

Your website displays poor quality visuals and dated images

Your website is your window to the world and your online shopfront. You wouldn’t dream of putting shoddy displays or poor quality produce in your shop window, so why on earth put it on your website? Most of us carry mobile devices that are capable of viewing HD images, so we expect to see HD images when we log onto a website. Clip art might have been acceptable back in the day, as might low resolution images; but time moves on. Using that sort of image these days not only looks awful; it also looks unprofessional. So, if you want to attract and retain viewers you’ll have to give them what they want, and what they want are HD quality photographs and images.

Viewers have to scroll through pages of information before they get the answers they’re looking for

You might have what you consider to be a great looking website. It might even do all the things you’d like it to do. However, if viewers have to scroll through several pages to get to the crucial information they’re looking for, then you’re definitely missing a trick. If you want to attract and retain viewers, it’s vital that the most important and salient information should be displayed prominently and conveniently.

If you want users to know about your brand and what it stands for, or want them to know what products you make or services you offer, you have to give them that information. You have to make that vital information readily available and easily accessible. If you don’t all you’re doing is putting unnecessary hurdles in their way, and in a digital world where users want information yesterday, that isn’t a clever strategy.

Your website isn’t showing up on the search results

Most users come to website via a search engine. They’ll type a search term into Google, or other search engine, and follow the links that are highlighted. The problem is that this is a very saturated market: many other companies are more than likely using the same sort of search terms, or keywords, as you are to get noticed. The key to success on search engine ranking is SEO. However, SEO is not something that can be done retrospectively. It needs to be built into the website design from the outset. The same principle applies to mobile design. Optimisation is the key to search results success.

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