How to make your website and social media presence work together

To succeed online these days you need two things: a website (pretty obvious we know) and some form of social media presence. Both are vital and necessary components in the 21 st century business world. The problem for many businesses is that whilst they might have both of these necessary components, they don’t always do a great job making the two work together seamlessly for the betterment of the business.

They make the mistake of treating them as standalone components, and that is actually counter- productive. In an ideal world a website and a social media presence should be like two sides of the same coin; working together symbiotically to feed and nurture each other’s presence. But how do you get the two components to work together seamlessly? How can build this symbiotic relationship between a website and social media?

Make sure users are encouraged to link back to your website from Facebook and Twitter.

It’s almost so obvious that it hardly needs to be said, but still some businesses fail to do it. Why’s it so important? Well, if people are connecting with you socially, they’re obviously engaging with you and buying into what you’re doing. The important thing is to turn this engagement into sales, and for that to happen you’ll need your followers to pay a visit to your website.

But getting followers to visit the website isn’t just about conversions; what you’re also trying to get is increased brand exposure. Greater exposure should in an ideal world lead to a greater sense of customer loyalty and familiarity and that ultimately leads to more sales in the future. So advertise promotions and special offers socially and encourage users to visit the website and take advantage.

Place social media links on the website and display them prominently

Not only do you want users to link from your Facebook account to your website, you also want web users to get to know what your social media presence is all about. Users might be able to find the information themselves through a basic search, but few will be bothered to do this. So make it easy for them and have sharing buttons on your contact page and at the bottom of the home page.

Never submit a piece of content without a sharing icon

If you want to get a greater social following, and ultimately want to get more people to link back to your site, then it’s vitally important to include a sharing icon on every piece of content you release. That applies to every piece of web content, whether that’s a blog, a photograph or a video. If the icon is there, people will be more willing to forward the content to others they think might be interested.

What happens on social media needs to be reflected on the website

Exciting things might be happening on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, but web users won’t necessarily know this unless you tell them. So how do you get round this problem? Well, the easiest way is have a social media stream on the website. In that way web users can see a t a glance what’s going down on social media, and can engage with a click of a button. It’s simple, yet effective way, of making the relationship between the two strands of your marketing efforts more symbiotic.

Make sure your approach to marketing in general is reciprocal and integrated

Whenever you’re producing marketing materials make sure you give your audience every available option to engage with you. So with emails or flyers include both the website details and the social media link icons to make further engagement easier.

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