Starting the Process of Building your First Website

No doubt you have been in conversation with someone when discussing your plans to start your own business and the question has been asked about how to build your first website for total beginners – “Who is going to build your website?”

It is one of those areas you have on the ideal things board, but you tend to think about it closer to when you are ready to do it and never really have a clear idea of how to go about it.

Most forward-thinking business owners have a plan of where they want to be in a year and hire a Stockport website design agency to take care of their online presence whilst they focus on the growth to target. More money-conscious people will no doubt opt to start from the bottom and give the website a go themselves. The results can range from manageable to utter disaster without knowing the work involved.

Before approaching any of these following steps, be sure to thoroughly map out what your website purpose is and how it will be translated to people. Are you just providing information on your services or are you using it to sell products? Are you worldwide or national? What features such as blogs, videos and interactive features will you be looking at now or soon. Planning is essential.

Be Creative with your Domain

A domain name is a web address/URL located in the top search bar of all browsers and it is your business address on the internet.

Today you are going to have to get a little creative in finding your ideal domain as most domain names have been taken. It is not something you can rush a decision on as you’ll need to be happy and translatable to your audience and customers. Ideally, you will spend a few days searching for one that fits your identity. If your business name is taken you can simply add a creative or locational flair to your name by adding ‘UK’ at the end, or your region.

Remember that what you choose you will be stuck with for life so make sure it sticks with you.

Find Your Ideal Host

Just like your physical business needs land under its building to operate, your website needs a virtual place to be created and stored. You would not operate a business from a high-risk area and the same should be said about your virtual business.

When picking a host you need to do a little research on the areas it covers. A Google search will generally tell you all you need to know from customer reviews. Look at their trustability as well as how long they have been operating, what their uptime is (accessibility to the world), what tech is used and how reliable it is and crucially, how much they cost in comparison to their faults. If it’s cheap, it’s cheap hosting, meaning it’s a cheap service.

Get Building

By now you should have all the information you require from the very first exercise and can begin using the free web builder service to its maximum. Admittedly, free online website builders can be limited in their ability to create dynamic websites, but it is enough to get your first presence established.

Depending on the platform you use, you may find only a limited number of pages and available images you can put on the site, but that does not mean you need to cram everything in. This will be an exercise in using what space available to get people hooked and wanting to know more.

The main important area is to ensure you put contact details onto the site as well as any branding and don’t go the way of random stock images that many companies do. No one will believe you have an office of attractive models working in the Shard if you operate in Manchester, so don’t be afraid to get a little more personal and have an identity people can feel comfortable with.

As time moves on so will your online requirements, and at some point, you will need features like responsive website design in  Stockport and SEO in Stockport to help your business compete with the big guys. This is where you will require the presence of a digital marketing agency in Stockport to boost your company image to where you want to be.

For any questions on website design and internet marketing to boost your company profile, talk to the team at Search and More today and discover how to build your first website for total beginners.

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