Your Homepage is Your Business Welcome Mat

When users come to your website, your aim should be to greet them as you would anyone walking through your business front door. Granted you cannot greet them with a handshake and an offer of a cup of tea, but the professional image and showcasing them your business homepage and around the site with easy guidance so that they leave with satisfaction and hopefully some product or business.

A Welcome Home

When it comes to your website, the homepage is the first thing they will see, and you want to ensure it’s not the last thing they see before they go next door.

If you look at your Google Analytics Data, you’ll notice that generally, your homepage has the most visits, the lowest bounce rate and the average time spent is higher than any other page on your website. This tells you that this page is where all business comes together or not at all.

To ensure your business homepage has it all, here are some things that are essential in your responsive website design Stockport.

On Brand

When a user visits your website, they have done so because you operate within the arena of what they are currently searching for. What you need to focus on right off the bat is not what you provide – they already found you due to this. Now it’s time to tell them why you are a better choice than the page they have just come from.

Who you are, what you do and how you can help – these key areas are what needs to greet the person who has clicked onto your page.

Your brand needs to reflect this by having its logo and tagline clear so people can understand who you are. For a more comprehensive history, you can provide them with clear direction to a bigger section of About Us and a way to contact you if they have any further enquiries. These need to be very clearly directed on your homepage.

No need to clutter your business homepage with every bit of information possible. Give them the option to find what they want themselves through easy navigation to every part of your business through the homepage.


A picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a high-resolution picture is worth potentially thousands of pounds.

A website that incorporates high-quality images has a much better chance of securing sales or business than one with poor quality images or stock images. Take a little pride in your product by letting the users know you provide quality in all areas.

These are small simple things to consider, but easy to overlook. When discussing your website with a specialist in Stockport website design, discover the reasons why your image relies heavily on your internet marketing Stockport.

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