Why a responsive website might be the right choice for your business

Why should businesses consider responsive website design?

Like it or loathe it, we now live in a mobile-dominated world. According to a recent report by Zenith published by Reuters 75 per cent of internet use in 2017 will be accessed from mobile and tablet devices.  Add to that the findings of a recent Google survey which found that 50 per cent of users only search using mobile and tablet devices, and you can see why mobile is such a dominant force in today’s online market place. So, given these statistics, it’s vitally important that business websites not only cater for the mobile market but are also able to meet the needs and expectations of users. But which type of website delivers the best mobile-friendly experience: a responsive website of a separate mobile website?

Why should you choose a responsive website in preference to a separate mobile website?

There’s no easy answer to that question. Both have their advantages, and both have their drawbacks.  Whilst separate mobile websites have their own distinct advantages, particularly for sites that feature lots of content, they don’t necessarily have the gravitas and credibility of their desktop counterpart. What’s more, most separate mobile sites do not rank particularly well on search engines. A major advantage of a responsive website is that it will allow it to retain its backlinks and focus all of its SEO efforts on one single site, and if SEO is an important part of your mobile marketing strategy, then responsive website design is definitely the better option.

3 reasons why responsive website design could be the right choice for you

Google recommends responsive website design

When Google speaks the world sits up and listens. With a 67 per cent share of the search market, why wouldn’t we? Not only has Google said that responsive website design is its recommended mobile configuration: it has even gone as far as to refer to responsive web design as the industry best practice.

Why is Google so adamant? Well, probably because universal adoption of responsive web design will make its life a whole lot easier. Responsive websites have just one URL and the same HTML across all devices. Because of this, Google is able to crawl, index and organise content much easier. If businesses have separate desktop and mobile websites which use different URLs and HTMLs, Google’s job becomes more complicated as it has to crawl and index multiple versions of the same website. Then there’s the issue of content sharing. Content with one URL is much easier to share, link to and interact with, than content on a separate mobile website.

Google has now nailed its colours firmly to the mast and stated that user-experience is now a ranking factor on search engines. Separate mobile websites are often simply stripped-down versions of desktop sites, and consequently suffer from high bounce rates. That unfortunately will often be reflected in a low Google ranking. The dynamic layout of a responsive website can increase the chances of a website ranking higher on the search engine results pages because both users and Google love it.

One website to serve them all

The principle advantage of a responsive website is that if can offer a great user-experience across all devices and screen sizes. Why is this so important? Well, it’s impossible to determine which devices and screen sizes users will use to access a website; so having a website that works seamlessly and consistently across all devices is a major advantage.

A responsive website is more cost-efficient and easier to manage

If you run a separate desktop and mobile website, you’ll have to run two separate SEO campaigns. With a responsive website you’ll only need the one, so it will be easier to manage and it will save you money.

Responsive website design helps businesses to make the most of mobile and tablet traffic and offers the very best user experience to today’s visitors whether they’re browsing the internet using a mobile, a tablet or a desktop. For more information on responsive website design, contact Search and More on 0161 669 5544.

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