What Can A Well-Designed And Carefully Constructed Website Do For Your Business?

What can a badly-designed or dysfunctional website do for your business?

Well, if the recent experiences of M & S are anything to go by, it can wreak havoc and have a massive effect on sales figures.

Poor navigation on Marks and Spencer’s new website has already led to an 8.1 per cent sales loss in the 13 weeks it’s been up and running. However, here’s another question for you: what can a well-designed and carefully constructed website do for your business?

Well, it can radically improve your search engine ranking and increase visibility, open up your business to new markets, connect with your target audience and ultimately increase profitability. The very best websites can do all of these things and a whole lot more besides. All that matters is that you get the design and functionality right from the outset, and that’s where web designers earn their corn. Invest in a good one and you’ll reap the benefits; choose a poor one, and you’ll live to regret it.

What can a well-designed, functional website do for your business?

The short answer to that is that it can work harder for you, and help you reach out to potential customers. Well-designed and well-structured websites can:

Extend your brand to a new online audience.

A website is the critical tool for communicating with existing and potential customers on the internet. But for the website to work effectively the design needs to be considered carefully. Online design should adequately reflect your offline image and should reinforce your existing business branding. The best designs should offer the same sort of online user experience as the customer would expect to receive offline, so it’s important to think long and hard about the overall design before taking the plunge.

Good websites are capable of generating interest.

If your website is well-structured and functional, and can deliver well-presented information that is genuinely useful and can add value to the customer experience, it can spark interest and raise consumer awareness about your business’ products and services. A well-designed website can give your business a competitive edge and that can only be good news as far as sales figures are concerned.

Good websites are capable of generating leads.

By incorporating online contact forms your business will be able to feed submitted information directly into a leads database or online CRM system. What that means is that you can then assign leads directly to sales staff, convert these leads to sales and produce invoices all from the sales system. Great website design is seamless and is capable of streamlining the sales process.

A well-designed website can make the sales’ process simpler.

If your website design includes an e-commerce system your business will be able to make sales directly online. If this is also tied into your accounting systems, then your tasks will be simplified. All you’ll have to do is fulfil any orders, whilst the e-commerce solutions take care of the rest.

A well-designed website can help you better engage with your audience.

Good websites are perfect vehicles for providing two-way communication. They let audiences communicate with businesses, and they let businesses speak to and engage with customers. What’s more good online communication channels can also provide valuable, real-time feedback on products and services.

A good website will let your business share news with RSS.

If your business regularly produces news, a well-designed website can help you to share this news with other associated web sites or partners easily by publishing news through an RSS feed. RSS feeds will also help you to incorporate other people’s news items just as easily.

Guide users to relevant content.

If your new website uses an open tagging system you will be able to use your own descriptive tags for all items on the site. The clever part is that system will then index these tags and automatically find other items that have the same tags and show links to them.
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